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Four $404.00 withdrawals plus the ATM charges were withdrawn from my account. That is my Veteran Administration Money and Disability money.

I'm 100% Disabled because I got hurt in the military. I'm behind on my bills. I'm reporting today March 9, 2018. I have called numerous times.

Today I called FDIC. I got the number to Comerica which controls Direct Express. Their fraud department is impossible to reach. That tells me if they are that busy, than Direct Express is horrible.

That money is directly deposited from the treasury department. They can't keep federal money safe. I gave them the bank name and atm # where this happened at. It has been a month and they have not started working on my case.

I have done everything they have asked me to and more. They have the bank and a number after each fraudulent transaction, I assume that is the ATM # or the bank #. What more do they need. I want my money back.

Direct Express is FDIC covered. My Uncle is a lawyer. I'm going to get my money back.

Very rude CSR's. Now off file the complaint with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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