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If my stolen money that was stolen off my direct express card in March isn't replace to me and the fraud department actually does something about it I will get whoever I can to show me how to file a class action lawsuit against your company I see that not only me but several other people is being ripped off by your company people are stealing our disability money and you are sitting back doing nothing you're not doing your job if you was doing your job you will find out who is still in her money and actually do something about it instead of closing her case and doing nothing now $800 that's a lot of money to me to be losing are someone else that's stole my money who was sitting back enjoying my money while I was doing that this is cause at great hardship for me and surely did God it don't take you this long from March until June to find out who withdraw my money off my bank card where your direct Express if you had done your job you would have seen that I did not withdraw all that money but saying that you're not doing your job and you're doing nothing about my hundred dollars being stolen from me I have no other choice but to find someone that can help me file a class action lawsuit I see a lot of people on here that's losing their money and we are poor y'all have a good paying jobs any good while we sit back and do without because her money is coming up missing that were not able to use I don't know about all these other people but I'm not going to sit around and do without any longer yesterday I was told by the fraud department after being on the phone for over an hour on hold that my case was closed and that my check is not going to be replaced I think this is *** all because someone didn't do their job in the fraud department I'll be contacting the better business bureau and file a complaint with them also will contact the lawyer and I'm sure with your insurance through your bank I'll get way more than $800 now Im asking for my money to be replaced because it was stolen from me and if you are would review the video you would say that I did not take this money out of my account that someone else did they stoled it for me now why you're not doing your job I'm going to do something about it I'll give you seven days to contact me about reviewing your video of whoever stole my money and you all replacing it and going after the person who stole it now I think that's fair enough if something is not done within those seven days I will seek counsel have a good day

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