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Every month I received my SSI DIB on my direct express card

No benniffets deposited.

No scares to my balance and card denied . Now the corona virus Plaqe.

Automatic voice rec. Is screwed up. My direct express card is controled by the government that evidence proves tormenting hacking of control . Because they cover one of there own corrupted infested protected they murdered my daughter in 2017 and I will never keep my mouth shut.

Like they do ta me her mother keep the Ssi dib . And IRS keeps trying to find a way to continue to take my bennifits. I worked 62credits pass the laws 40 work credit history. USDA Holding home mortgage payment.

Never a loan been here 21 yrs. And now are trying to force me out by charging me over the price purchased proof i do I have so *** gov. Keep it all I still will never shut my bigmouth Tiffany's federal taxes they kept. On yr.

2016 **** state of mo released state so federal government is corrupted infested protected hooked up fraudulent employees invested system. By her mother like no other.

See ya ssi dib this week . Fix it or ***

Monetary Loss: $750.

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