Providence, Rhode Island

My card was used within minutes of me dropping my wallet and it's all on Camera. The person who used my card was on caught on camera and I have a police report ( officer also watched the video ).

The biggest Issue is that DirectExpress make moves to protect themselves and not the consumer.

The company send papers late and tell you to return it within 10 after it takes a week to get to you, when they can email the paper work for print within minutes.

I will need to wait longer because of this. The merchant was also at fault because he is a scammy business owner who did not ask for id when you are required to do it for a purchase on credit over $25

A local drug dealer thief walks around the city until the company can get the money back to me. I can forget about Holiday Gift for my only child and a new pair of walking shoes for myself until after Christmas...

It was an unauthorized signature without need for a pin. This is covered and insured by MasterCard.

Horrible customer service from DirectExpress and I have made a complaint to a federal consumer agency and it's on file if ever a class action lawsuit happens they have my email.

It's horrible being in the city knowing I can probably walk right pass the person who did this and not want to physically attack them, but I will hold back my anger and deal with it legally.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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