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I had a check company take money out of my account and I hadn't used that company in over 6 months... I had told them I didn't have the money to pay and offered to make payments they refused my payments and didn't try to take money out of my account or anything then six months later they take money out of my account and I called Direct Express and Direct Express said they're doing investigation.

well they're supposed to send me paperwork if I had it back within 10 days then they would give me the money while they investigated. I didn't get the paperwork for over 20 days everyday I called and they give me these explanations but it was in the mail. Then I got the paperwork I overnighted because they finally gave me an extension I couldn't overnight it they have no physical address. Everytime I try to talk to somebody and hang up are you getting running around or no answer or hang up on and then they told me after I fought it and found it they refuse to give me my money back because I had dealings with this company is doing six months prior and once that company refused to take any payment arrangements they had no longer had authorization to take money from my account and they had no authorization to take money from it anyway.

Also the law is if you have a Social Security check going into a bank account and it is direct deposit none of that money could be touched by anybody like that.

Unless I had money over my social security that could be touched but not my Social Security and it had to be money that did not come from my social security check so the bank was supposed to investigate that before they even let them touch my money when I called and even sent them the laws they refuse to look at it that way anything to do with it and I told me that they were not give me my money back if I may not even call back because it was closed they no longer let me fight it.. I have called Social Security they won't get involved even have been laughed at by then Social Security nobody will help me I've tried and tried I've been fighting this for almost a year I need help I need my money that was $498 I don't understand how our government would not investigate the company before they recommended and automatically sending those tracks we can't have checks mailed to us they have to go into that account if we don't have an account some people cannot get bank account and I don't want to do a prepaid card and the government shouldn't put on makeup put on money on a card that is not trustworthy I want my money back

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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