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I receive social security through Direct Express. Someone accessed my account Dec.

30,2016 and stole 501.99. I reported it Jan. 1,2017. Direct Express told me to file a police report and they mailed me Dispute paperwork to fill out and cancelled my card and sent me a new one.

They said it could take up to 90 days. I told them this has created a huge financial hardships and I couldn't pay my rent!!! They said it probably won't take that long and I could possibly request a provisional credit. On Feb 15,2017 they made 2 deposits in my account, 1 for 300.00 1 for 201.99 which was the amounts of the fraud.

On Feb 16,2017 they reversed the deposits. Took them back out!! The next day they put the deposits back in. Sometime after that they took the deposit for 201.99 back out this left me with a negative balance of -201.99.

I can't even tell you how many times I called, the AMT of hours I have been on hold, the number of times I got disconnected and the incompetence of the people answering my calls. On the 90th day they announced I won my dispute. Over and over I asked when do I get the 201.99 put back into my acct?? Over and over I had to explain what they did with putting the money in then taking it out and putting it in Again and finally taking the 201.99 out so when I got my deposit I was negative -201.99!!

This went on everyday over and over. Now it has been 106 days and I still don't have my money!! I'm now stuck with they say they opened a trouble ticket and sent it to some mysterious Back Office. Yesterday I got a Level 2 supervisor on the phone and after 49 mins on hold she came back and said the reason the 201.99 wasn't put back in was because the dispute for the 201.99 wasn't approved.

I said WHY? She said it just wasn't. I said WHY? She put me on hold again and then came back and now she said She emailed the MYSTERIOUS BACK OFFICE AGAIN and now I just have to wait!!

This is unbelievable!! They're the most incompetent people I have ever dealt with. I'm so frustrated and my finances are ruined!!

I know 201.99 doesn't sound like alot of money but on limited income it's deviating. Tobi99

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Account.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Evergreen, Alabama, United States #1320609

I never got a cent reimbursement. Why?

It's supposedly FDIC protected. I even contacted MasterCard and they we as flippant as Direct Express...maybe both Direct Express and MasterCard need investigating.

to Madas***17 #1320847

I have reported them to everybody that I can think of. I even posted a letter on:

Letter to Donald

It's right there on the front page.

Lol. Even though this isn't funny at ALL

to Tobi99 #1320860

Supposedly there's a gal who is supposed to assist people who are owed money from direct Express her name is

Susan Rutledge-Reeves her phone number is-


I left her a message this morning. Funny thing though she is listed as the V.P.

Comerica Bank and she is also listed on the Texas Secretary of State website as the Direct Express Corporate contact!!! Sounds like a huge conflict of interest to me!! Also if you call Comerica Bank they say they only issue the cards for Direct Express and other than that they are not associated!!! I guess theres two Susan Rutledge-Reeves who just happens to work for both companies!!

These people are obviously as crooked as they come!!!

I am not going to stop until someone makes Direct Express accountable for every dollar they have stolen from all of us. Class action lawsuit needs to be initiated asap

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