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On 9/1/2015 at midnight I called to check my balance. It was 658.

The next morning it was 8 dollars. I was frantic wondering how I was going to pay my bills. After holding for 30 or so minutes (due to high call volume) I finally got an agent after canceling the card she transfers me to the fraud department. I explained the situation for the 2nd time she asked me some questions and said she'd send out a form.

A few days later I received the form which stated IF THE DISPUTE IS NOT RESOLVED IN 10 BUSINESS DAYS FROM THE DATE OF THE COMPLAINT YOU WILL BE ISSUED A PROVISIONAL CREDIT. On the 11th business day I called and the rep told me my claim was denied based on what I told the rep on September 1st and what was on the form. And there was a call at midnight from my phone number checking the balance. I told the rep during the transactions there had to be another balance inquiry for the person to know how much was in the account!

He said he could see several transactions and a balance inquiry in between. I then stated if I already knew the balance why would I make several transactions and then check? His response was I could reopen my claim if I HAD ANY ADDITIONAL INFORMATION! I didn't need additional information they have the transaction history!

It doesn't make sense! Also if they can solve murder cases with a car driving past an atm they could see it wasn't there! But they never investigated. They closed the complaint so they wouldn't have to credit my account without being thorough!

The call got escalated to Paul @016 that refused to send the call to the fraud department stating it was STANDARD OPERATING Policy that customers can't speak to the people in the fraud department!

There was no investigation into the fraud based on the information provided. I'll have my benefits deposited elsewhere!

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The same thing happened to me but I'm going to all the federal websites I can to get the word out about Direct Express. It's ridiculous and we're not the only ones this has happened to.


Same thing happened to me. On the 11th day, they denied my claim but would not let me speak to the fraud department nor give me a reason why they denied my dispute when it was obvious fraud on my account.


Direct express refused a refund and denied my claim form. My home town utility company want to return my money but direct express is not cooperating. Why did diect empress deniy my claim.


Can no longer use my "debit" card for online auto bill pay because it's suddenly been changed to a "gift" card. Worst type of inconvenience for disabled people--having to turn their lives upside-down to cope with stupidity.


I Work there I'm a agent there DIRECT EXPRESS SUCKS ..... To many fraud your money is not safe and will never be safe...

Disputes take for ever 30-90days to see your money back in the account !!!!

Get a backs forget of DX