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We have been waiting for replacement card for now although they told us 3 to 5 days for delivery. They even threaten to stop our check.

They won't talk to my wife even though I have asked them too over and over as I am a veteran and don't have the nerves to handle them,she takes care of everything for me. My wife has looked on online account and under status says mail pan. We have bills to pay and ya all act like its nothing.

It's been pass that 3 to 5 day period I should have gotten it by now. We are now at 6 days waiting for replacement card

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Account.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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I mis-typed on my response to ANONYMOUS. It should have read 1/3 OF all Americans.

I dont see a way of editing the post


To ANONYMOUS. If the job is so bad quit it and find another.

All companies have their rules and stipulations to protect the consumer from having a thief try to get ahold of their account and use it. Do you know in 2014 1/3 or all Americans were victim of Identity Theft.

When this is proven the company has to refund all of the customers funds which unless they catch the thief the company has to eat all that money. Ergo it is why of all the strict rules


You are aware it is 3 - 5 business days. In consumer time it could take 5 - 7 days if you run into a weekend when you ordered a new card. For your wife to handle your business she either should be on the account or you may have to talk to a supervisor and either fax in a letter to them authorizing your spouse to handle your affairs or sometimes they may have an email to do the same thing.


I'm a agent in direct express it so bad !!!! Me as I employee we can only talk to the cardholder if the other person is not in the account is not your legal guardian by the SSA we cannot help !!!

IS SO BAD!!!!!!

Replacement card is 5-10 calendar day free of charge THEY NEVER ARRIVE


2 business day with the charge of $13.50

AND ID ONLY 1 card replacement of the year. Next card is $4.00