Danville, Pennsylvania
Not resolved

Don't get this card or they will stellar your money on the 3 of Feb I called to add my disability on my card they asked for all my personal information had 4338 and some odd change on didn't use my card at all when I whent on Feb 10 to get money out had none I didn't go anywhere or gave any one my card to use had it for a year with my ssi but as soon as I called you my moneys gone if you go on line you'll see a lot of people have the same thing happen iam calling every one to report it and even the news it has to stop any one else nows how I can all let me now I want all my money back

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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File a complaint with The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau.


Contact Wayne Mielke (Comerica Bank) 313-222-4000 or file a complaint with the FTC. www.identitytheft.gov.

If more people would complain, U.S.

Dept. of Treasury would take notice!!!