Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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Direct express charge me $13.50 for a two day delivery fee they couldn't give me a tracking number for the card ,rhat i pay for. I had to cancel the card and order another card.

The first card i order, that was supposed to have arrived . Today on the 1/6/16 was supposed arrive on the 1/5/16

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Cynthia C

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I was told they issued my card on 1/12/2016, it's been 9 days and I still havent received it, after it what hacked and used to make a purchased in Ireland for 137.15 and a 4.13 international fee was charged. I barely received the fraud packet yesterday, and they failed to tell me I need to file a police report.

The cop even asked why I waited till yesterday to report it. I wasn't told I had to till I saw it on forms, He even told me to dump DE, that what they are doing is wrong when I told him I've been starving & w/o money for 9 days. Been hearing bad reports, and how they're freezing funds that they have no business or right to do. I can start all kinds of trouble and know all the right people to get it started, even lawyers that protect the disabled from pre-paid cards issuer frauds.

I don't have no family or anyone comes into my home that had access to my purse. I barely even leave my home, and my card or pin couldn't have been given or taken from anybody.