Miami, Florida

This is CRIMINAL what Direct Express does to boyfriend who is disabled was told by social security that he would have his first payment sent by check on. November 1st...they said if that happened to be a weekend he would receive it the Friday before,..when that NEVER happened we called social security....those *** told us he was going to receive a direct express card....WHAT....?????? He never asked for a direct express card...we call Direct Express and talk to MORE morons...the first call the *** said they can NOT find him in the computer...the second call they " claim" they are setting it up and they were sending it by expedited mail and charged him $13.00...we are about to see if this takes place...after reading these reviews.....SERIOUSLY doubtful these *** know what they are doing...I will update this at the end of day....

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Hello My name is Denise P and over the weekend I got a phone call that said up on my tv screen Direct Exspress long story short I got so screwed, Someone in Florida took almost 700.00$$ out of my account,I called SS and they said that they are not responsible for the money that was taken from me from my Debit card. Debt Express is responsible for getting the$$ back###Really?

Does anyone know if I will really get the money back? Thank You Denise P

Cynthia C

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Time to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Texas. You can do it online.

The more people complain, the more SSA will take notice of just how bad Direct Express is. They should be ashamed for recommending this HORRIBLE company to us.