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Update by user Apr 23, 2017

Called Direct Express today, Apr. 22.

The agent now tells me they got my fraud complaint paperwork, but it's under review. I asked why am I being treated like the person at fault. Being an FDIC facility, supposedly, why hasn't my account been reimbursed? It was like the agent was reading from a script.

My complaint is under review and they have no idea if I will get any money back.

Really? I'm filing a complaint with FDIC on Monday.

Original review posted by user Apr 23, 2017

A person from Hong Kong accessed my Direct Express card and made three withdrawals within a five day period. I found out when on the 6th of April I attempted to pay my auto insurance and my card was rejected.

I immediately called Direct Express, after multiple run around I was finally connected to a live person. My account was pulled up and they said a person in Hong Kong had debited my account for 127.00 on Apr. 2, twice again on April 6 for 77.00 and 25.00 or so dollars. For allegedly coffee products.

I don't drink coffee. Direct Express said they would send a "packet" for me to fill out and I had to get it back to them within 10 business days in order to get any money back. It took them 6 days to mail the packet to me. I mailed it back the same day, and when I called 5 days later, they stated they didn't get the packet.

Sounds like a ripoff or scam on their part. They claim to be an FDIC protected banking facility, then my stolen funds should have been immediately replaced and if the investigation proved it was my fault, then recoup from me. My Visa experienced a theft problem and my funds were immediately replaced that day.

Direct Express doesn't intend on replacing anything in my opinion. I will look into replacing where my disability funds are deposited, real soon.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

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Today is May 23. I learned via using my Direct Express card that Direct Express had quietly placed the missing funds back onto my account.

I had to contact everyone from MasterCard to the FBI in order to get this accomplished.

Beware any overseas sellers, be extra careful using EBay and PayPal websites. This is where my info was compromised.

to Anonymous #1435279

Contact me, JB Simms, at, (803) 309-6850. We are gathering victims of Direct Express/ Comerica to put their stories together and make Direct Express (Advocacy Office person named James) and Susan Schmidt of Comerica.

I called to begin an investigation of my missing funds, and Susan Schmidt's office never returned the call. They now refuse to research the call that was made 6 weeks before I got them on the phone. These people sit back and allow retirees to be held hostage, no access to their monies, and do nothing. The Fraud Department of Direct Express cannot be accessed, but we will crack that wall and expose them as well.

Go to and see my background.

I will not rest until they are held accountable. These are terrible people.


All disputes go under review and investigation for anywhere between 45-90 calendar days. If you manage to get the paperwork back within 10 business days your account would be recommended for a provisional credit (NOT GUARANTEED); meaning they would temporarily credit you the funds that were stolen from you.

However, if the dispute is found not in your favor, the provisional credit is taken back. If it is in your favor...well you already got the credit and you're good to go.

That's just how it works, that's how disputes function to ensure everyone is dealt in the same fashion.

My suggestion to you is to not only send in the paperwork they asked for, but send your own written statement to:

Direct Express®, Payment Processing Services

P.O. Box 245998

San Antonio, TX 78224-5998

(found on their website) and also send in the statement to their FAX number (which you can easily get from Customer Service)

to DirectFriend #1331701

That's not how my Visa card works. Sorry but your companies slow to respond is unacceptable.

Furthermore, 10 days? I received the packet 3 days before the 10 day deadline. I'm not the ONLY person Direct Express has acted indifferent toward, nor made it nearly impossible to speak to someone who could help. Majority of the time we either did not get any help or the person was reading from a script/unaware just what to say via company constraints.

Assuming everyone who receives disability or Social Security payments in general means we are:

Lacking in education, are deadbeats trying to scam Direct Express, or someone who can lose their money due to fraud and can't do anything about it is wrong for such assumptions.

I have a dual Masters degree in Psychology&Sociology, and a Master's degree in Public Safety, specializing in Forensic Science.

I receive disability due to a sudden health issue, which cut short my teaching college aspirations.

Please in the future, make your companies access more friendly for your debit card users.

to Anonymous #1435290

After talking to another Pissed Customer last night, these stories of Direct Express/Comerica are too familiar. We are gathering disaffected customers whose cases violate federal regulations

and hold customers hostage.

I can be reached at (803) 309-6850, and my email is

This conversation last night motivated me to research customer complaints and begin this journey to hold Comerica (Susan Schmidt, (313) 222-3435) and Direct Express Customer Advocate (James) (512) 671-2998.

These persons are the initial targets for accountability.

More will fall. Let me know who you have contacted at Direct Express and Comerica and we will add to the list.

Jim Simms

to DirectFriend #1435276

The 45-90 day review period is in violation of federal consumer law. Another Pissed Customer user contacted me last night.

I can be reached at, (803) 309-6850. We are gathering other victims of Direct Express/Comerica and going after the Customer Advocate office, plus Susan Schmidt of Comerica. These persons hide the fraud department from scrutiny. They do not answer questions.

They hid the fact that my case scenario had been faxed and received by Direct Express, and it was not until I called that they admitted they had my info. They wanted to "mail" me paperwork. I was the one who contacted the merchants to get my money back. Direct Express puts a person off, and harms many older Americans whose monies are held hostage while Direct Express gets back to you.

The game is over.

Join us, we will expose them, and they will see what it feels like to be made accountable. What a despicable group of people.

Campbellsville, Kentucky, United States #1322232

I want a full refund to my account.

Evergreen, Alabama, United States #1320607

Well, I contacted MasterCard and here is the crappy response I received from them: While we protect MasterCard holders, it is the issuing bank's decision as how they handle complaints or fraud complaints". Really??


Who would have thought that a garbage card would be worse than a bank? Very surprising!

to off***sumer***ed Campbellsville, Kentucky, United States #1319494

No, what is surprising is the Direct Express is a subsidy of Comerica Bank. Same FDIC rules apply. Don't rip your customers off...especially when the US Government uses your business to pay their customers!

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #1319430

Funds were stolen by fraudulent debits from a person or persons originating in Hong Kong.

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