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On or before January 28, 2016, Direct Express issued someone in Miami, FL a debit card using my information.The ONLY way to do that is someone would have to know my SSN, birthdate AND pin number.

Something smells fishy and it ain't me!! How could they do that knowing I live in GA!! So, today 2/3/16 my disability check, $851.00 was withdrawn from my account from an ATM in Midtown Miami. I've lived in GA all my life.

When I finally talked to someone at Direct Express, they told me it would take 45-90 for a dispute to be granted. REALLY??? I'm on disability for a reason. SSA was no help.

The nasty rep I spoke told me once SSA releases funds to Direct Express, it's out of their hands. That BS!! If you contract Direct Express, they should be governed in some way by the SSA!! Don't *** on me and tell me it's rain; I know the difference.

With all the complaints I've read on here, something needs to be done about Direct Express. I sent emails to the U.S.

Department of Treasury and The White House.This is ridiculous.

This reviewer shared experience about "debit card was issued to someone using my personal information." and wants this business to issue a full refund as the author lost $851. The author is overall dissatisfied with Direct Express and uploaded a picture. The most disappointing about direct express debit card from Direct Express was i hate direct express Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Once I let go of Direct Express, I never had problems again with fraud, and theft.I have a detailed account from the bank and do not mind paying less than 5 dollars a month for the peace of mind.

Since my account is an old account I may not be charged anything from the bank unless I used the ATM in excess.

Direct Express just emaile me after years with 2 password resets, someone is trying to get and they cannot because they need to have access to my email.I guess they ( theif ) who stole my money around this time of the year ( holidays) think I still use direct express {{Redacted}}.


From early 2009 until 8/2016, I had used Direct Express for my SSI check.I have received SSI since 1990.

Before I started using this card, I had first received a paper check, and then started direct deposit into a bank account. I went to live with my Daughter in another state for a few months, and closed out my bank account. When I returned home, for some reason, I wasn't able to get another account at my bank. I think it was an ID problem, because I had let my drivers licence expire since I couldn't drive anymore.

So I started with Direct Express. In all those years I never had a problem. They even helped me trough a problem when my Amazon account got hacked by a neighbor. Then I moved back to live near my Daughter permanently in an Assisted Living Facility.

I had the option of keeping my account the same, or having it all deposed in the account here and I could withdraw my allowance here. Which I chose to do.

All was okay, but I needed to find out what my other daughter had taken from my account. I did that by Internet as usual. But I had expected my next check would be in the account here in July, but it was on my card.

And I couldn't get to the Internet site to check anything. All I could do was to check my balance. Couldn't get customer service. So I used the card until I had only a couple of dollars on it.

By that time my money was coming here so no problem.

Since I am now eligible for SS, I had considered changing it all to Direct Express again because on holiday weekends, it is around the 5th of the month before I can get the money that sometimes should be deposited a day or so before the first. I'm glad I found this page just by dumb luck because I pressed the wrong key. If I do decide to do something, I will have my allowance deposited in a separate account and use my bank card. I'm sorry for all of you that are having trouble.

I just hope my son changed his account.

The concept is good, I just feel like there is either a *** like the one described last year, or there is a problem at the bank.Good luck!

Campbellsville, Kentucky, United States #1319497

I agree with you!I had 257.00 removed.

There would have been more if I hadn't caught it and had the card discontinued.

Direct Express is giving me the same b.s.

Luke it's MY fault.

I'm reporting their a__es to FDIC tomorrow morning and filing a complaint.

You are right, SSA should be able to intervene.Since they contract these pirates, why can't they have Direct Express investigated?!

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #1235447

What ever happened the same thing happened to me i think its the company

to Danni2016 Owosso, Michigan, United States #1281450

Sam's thing happened to me too. What ever did happen?

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