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4th of July, after receiving my SS on Direct Express on the 3rd, I noticed I hardly had any $left on my card, and had but even paid for HALF OF MY BILLS FOR JULY 2019, YET. Pulled to the transaction history on my card only too find out SOME THIEVING *** had withdrawn almost $400 in Las Vegas (I live in Mo) and I was nearly broke!

I immediately telephoned DE and it took me all day the 4th and most is the day the 5th to even get a live person; their automated system said they had a heavy call volume, try your call later and hung up at least 50 times I called. I finally asked for a supervisor and a very young lady got on line with me and said she was going out of her way to stop the card, issue a new card and fine a fraud report. An "affidavit" would be sent to me and I would have 10 days to provide DE deals m fraud investigators with receipts, and any evidence to support my claim. I said I can't paymy car insurance and mortgage payment which was automatically to be debited off the old card and I was having a nervous breakdown that my insurance would be cancelled due to lapse in payment date and I needed my money reimbursed IMMEDIATELY.

The last with DE said she was sorry, there was nothing more she could do to help me and hung up and left me with an automated recording of how this whole process worked, which stated UP TOv45 dayd for me to get my stolen money reimbursed IF THE INVESTIGATORS EVEN RULEF I SHOULD GET IT BACK AFTER THEIR INVESTIGATION! I SAID THE THIEVES WENT SHOPPING ON MY CARD ON THE 4 OF JULY AND GOT PAID IMMEDIATELY OFF MY CARD FOR A SHOPPING SPREE! HOW DID THEY EVEN GET MY PASSWORD!?? THE LAST at DE said she couldn't answer that question!

I'd sooner deal with the crooked Banks than deal with Direct Express who DOES NOTHING TO PROTECT YOUR MONEY ON YOUR CARD AND EVEN LESS OF YOU GET FRAUDULENTLY BECOME HACKED! I PLAN TO SPEAK TO a SS attorney, surely we have rights about this!


Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $400.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Direct Express Cons: Saves as above, Customer service.

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