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My debit card account was hacked. I found the evidence on December 10, 2017.

I called Direct Express immediately and gave them notice of the intrusion. Direct Express has allowed a provisional purchase, made on December 9, 2017, to be paid to the fraudsters on December 22, 2017. I had to resort to contacting the Better Business Bureau in order to get to a representative of Direct Express. They have delayed their "investigation" after I gave them all the information they needed, and they have allowed additional debits to be made from my account.

Direct Express is in direct violation of a couple federal laws, Section 226.12 Paragraph 12 (B), and Paragraph 12 (B) 2 (iii) 3. They act with impunity and try to make excuses. They delayed the adjudication of my case from the original date of December 26 until January 10, 2018. The customer service advocate is protecting the "investigators." I have done their job; I know what they can do and should do.

I have friends who are in bank fraud units. Direct Express held up my money, compromised by business, and kept me from buying Christmas presents. I have payments to make for software which keeps me from working. The Comerica office in Detroit was of no help.

I spoke with a woman name Susan Schmidt, a VP, who referred the matter back to the same incompetent person at Direct Express. I had to collect the money from the vendor; Direct Express did not lift a finger to help, postponing my "case" for 2 weeks (also a violation). If I cannot get the attention of the fed agency to do their job, I am ready to recruit other disaffected customers and go after them for damages. They are doing this to older retirees whose cards have been compromised.

I am a retired private investigator, and I do not quit easily. I can be reached at my publishing company, Erik Publishing. Contact me, I am easy to find.

Anyone who had had monies held hostage by Direct Express as a result of fraud on your card, join me. I am moving forward and will help any and all.

Review about: Direct Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: abuse of customer, violation of law.

Preferred solution: change the secretive structure of Direct Express, and stop abusing retirees. A public lawsuit will be nice..

I didn't like: Lack of transparency, Abuse of customers by fraud department, Violation of fdic consumer protection law 6500.

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I'm with ya need more info here's email


I was given the fax # by a very nice customer service representative.I calledto double check and was told they don’t “usually handle disputes from the fax #” and I should also mail the forms which I did,certified mail. The fax # is 8775070012 . Since we have to get the paperwork back to them as quick as possible I think the fax should be offered to everyone .


Hi. My husband had his Direct express hacked on the 3rd of February.

We were passed around for several hours in the phone. They at customer service at direct express said they get 500 calls a day regarding fruad. Scary to say the least! Still they know it was a *** by Amazon.

Btw. We have never been on a amazon web site or purchased from amazon. So now what? We have to wait for paper work to fill out and return even tho they have the info they need to start the investigation.

Bills are due. Frustrating

to George #1435174

Call Susan Schmidt, Comerica Bank, at (313) 222-3435. Make sure you tell her I gave you the number.

They oversee Direct Express, and allow violations of Fed statutes. They might refer you to a person named James (maybe Steven) at Direct Express, but they are worthless lackeys. I am gathering persons for class action suit against them; my case is solid, and if they did not give you immediate credit for an electronic hack, they have done it to you. Susan Schmidt is a VP, but she would not account for Comerica voicemail (in her office) not responding for 6 weeks.

I am not done with her. This has to stop.

to JBSimms #1435265

Include me if possible .Thank you. Cynthia Guillory 337-519-2031 .


You're very hard to try to reach. Left a voicemail 2/7/18 and told them would call back on 2/8/18. Called back voicemail only

to Paul #1430283

Comerica and Direct Express hide violations behind call centers. I am pushing harder.

You can reach me through Erik Publishing; email address is on website.

The more people we get, the more likely to get action from CFPB.

JB Simms

to JBSimms #1435161

Jb Simms, Have been extremely ill and not knowing if I was going to be here another day or not. Still want to speak with you.

Will attempt to get your email from E.P.Website. Paul

to Paul #1435176

Call Susan Schmidt at (313) 222-3435. Tell her JB Simms gave you the number.

I have the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau after them. Direct Express emp will deny any non-compliance of regulations. A Direct Express telephone answer person named James told me "our position is that we are in compliance." Well, what would I expect you to say, dummy? This guy was a push-button phone boy, and would not answer when I asked if he had ever worked in the Fraud Department.

I have investigated financial fraud, and have had persons arrested. This Direct Express person was an idiot.

Call Schmidt. Then get to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

I can be reached at (803) 309-6850. This abuse of retired persons, and those with dependent children, has to stop.

to JBSimms #1435267

One of the reps used the word "allegedly" in response to something I had just explained to her .....I told her she was being recorded and was hung up on

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