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Update by user Jun 17, 2019

If you have made contact with any attorney which has or is representing victims of the Direct Express program, and the attorney cannot take your case, I suggest you hire an individual attorney for yourself and refer that attorney to Franklin Lemond (Atlanta) or Ronald Wilcox (San Diego) for assistance. Both Mr.

Lemond and Mr. Wilcox are representing victims.

Update by user May 16, 2019

The new guard-dog for Bureau of Fiscal Services is a man named Thomas Santaniello. He is protecting the a group of persons at Fiscal Services who have refused to hear oral presentations from victims of Comerica Bank.

Everyone needs to call two persons: Thomas Santaniello (202) 874-**** or (202) 309-**** Send him an email at Thomas.Santaniello@***.treasury.gov Then, call and report this call to Sonja Scott at OIG Treasury. Ms. Scott is receptive, and OIG Treasury is investigating Fiscal Services. Ms Scott can be reached at (202) 927-****.

Her email address is ScottS@***.treas.gov. When you email Santaniello and tell him about Comerica Bank, you must copy Ms. Scott on the email. You have to cover your bases.

I have personally documented over 105 persons' stories, which Ms. Scott has the list and stories. My telephone number has been flagged both at Bureau of Fiscal Services and at Conduent.

We have their attention, but you have to be active and keep pushing. Jim Simms

Update by user Feb 25, 2019

The class action suit against Comerica Bank and Conduent, administrators of the Direct Express debit card program, has been filed. There will be an opportunity for new plaintiffs to be added to the suit.

The attorney who is representing the plaintiffs is Franklin Lemond, of Atlanta GA. I have been receiving fraud complaints for a year, and have over 70 victims listed. I will be creating packages of victim information to be submitted to Mr. Lemond.

If you are a Direct Express debit card holder and you have been victimized, I will assist you in having your money returned.

Over 70 people have contacted me, and more than half have had their monies returned. Your case will be submitted to be included in the suit.

Update by user Feb 04, 2019

We have an attorney on board who is signing up victims of Comerica Bank and Conduent for civil damages. I have helped over 60 people, and most have had their monies returned, but all victims are entitled to sue for damages, such as stress, anxiety, loss of sleep, loss of a place to live, and many other grievances.First, we have to try to get your money back before you sign up with the attorney.

There are some initial things for you to do, and these are posted on other Direct Express threads. Protect yourself first, and this is how. The call center persons who answer the calls for Direct Express are not Direct Express employees.These are Conduent employees, basic call center persons, who have no banking background, no banking education, and no knowledge of Regulation e 15USC1693. Since I have begun posting the truth about about Comerica Bank and Conduent, they have become defensive and probably have had chats about the laws they are breaking.Your first line of defense is this:1)Before you call the call center, either go on line or use your phone and take a screen shot of the fraud or find the fraud on your statement.

Save a copy of the statement or the screenshot. 2) Call the call center and report the fraud. Make sure you ask the attendant what fraud she sees on the screen.This is important if you cannot get to your account.Write what they tell you; time, date, and amount.3) Email a copy of the fraudulent transaction, describing the transaction, to this email address: advocacy@***.comYou may copy me on the emai: jbsimms@***.comEven if you cannot get a copy of your statement or a copy of the screenshot, write what you know about the fraud, and when you reported it.This covers you with respect to the initiation of the investigation and will help you get your money faster.4) After an hour or so, call the following numbers: (512) 250-**** Alisha (Customer Service Advocacy, Supervisor)(210) 334-**** Chantelle, Director of Advocacy(313) 222-**** Susan Schmidt, SVP, ComericaCall these persons until they confirm they have your email, and tell the people in Schmidt's office that the Conduent subcontractors work for Comerica and they all will be liable for not following the law.Many of the persons at Comerica and Conduent think we cannot reach out and make them accountable.

They are wrong. Feel free to email me at jbsimms@***.com

Update by user Dec 13, 2018

This project, helping victims of Direct Express debit card fraud, has taken on a life of its own. Information and sources change almost daily.

I will give you a list of things to do before you contact me at: jbsimms@***.com1) if you see fraud on your account, and maybe a "pending purchase," go to an ATM as fast as you can and get your money out of your account. The thief might try to hit your card numerous times, so get your money out.2) Call the customer service number on your card. Report the fraud, and get a new card. Make sure your address is correct with the call center person.

Thieves will change your address.3) If possible, go to your phone app for Direct Express and make a screen shot of the transactions. A screenshot can be done by pushing the on/off button and the round button on the bottom of your phone, at the same time. The shot will go to your photos.4) if possible, access your Direct Express account on your computer and save the statement page reflecting the fraud. Print this page, and circle the fraudulent transactions, labeling the circled items as "fraud" in large letters at the right of the transaction.

Fax this to (512) 298-**** to the attention of Alisha. 5) Email advocacy@***.com and report the fraud. Attach the photos of the screenshot from your phone, then give a written detail of each fraudulent transaction. 6) In each email and/or fax, advise the recipient that the investigation as to begin immediately after the call to the call center, and this email will open email communication with the Conduent call center persons.

Advise this office that you are to be given full credit within ten day regardless if the "investigation" is concluded.7) Call the Fraud Unit at (888) 545-****. Advise them you have reported the fraud and you are entitled to full provisional credit within 10 days of "giving notice." You may also call Customer Advocacy at (512) 250-**** and remind them as well that you expect full provisional credit.8) Report the fraud to the local police. Basically you will be filling out an incident report. Keep a copy, and scan that into your computer.

9) If Conduent refuses to acknowledge fraud, contact Conduent via email, fax, and by telephone and demand a copy of the investigation.

10) Go online and join the Facebook page, Direct Express Cardholder Victims.Now you are on the road to protect yourself. Call me at (803) 309-**** after you have done these things and I will be glad to speak with you.Jim Simms

Update by user Oct 10, 2018

The investigation into violation of federal banking laws, including Regulation E, Section 226.12 by Comerica Bank (illegally withholding funds from debit card holders) has taken a nice turn; not only is the OIG of Treasury and OIG of Social Security involved, but OIG of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) emailed me today. While the CFPB has been impotent with respect to fulfilling their mandate, I believe we have their attention.

Treasruy, Social Security, and CFPB have failed to protect Veterans, disabled Veterans, disabled civilians, and other Social Security recipients, whose funds are sent to a Direct Express debit card, administered by Comerica Bank. Again, if you know anyone who has had a problem with identity theft involving their Direct Express card, put them in touch with me at jbsimms@***.com This abuse ends here.

Update by user Sep 13, 2018

For all users of Direct Express debit cards, you will be glad to know that the work of a couple of us has resulted in the Office of Inspector General of Treasury and the Office of Inspector General of Social Security have committed to begin an investigation of Comerica and abuse they have committed on the cardholders. What we need is for victims of Direct Express, identity theft, illegally withholding funds, illegally withdrawing funds, and other harmful acts, to contact me at jbsimms@***.com, or (803) 309-****.

We need your information in order to get your story into the investigation. In the meantime, make certain you call Susan Schmidt, the Comerica Customer Rep, at (313) 222-****. She receives complaints from the BBB and the CFPB. She might try to send you to the Customer Advocate for Direct Express.

You must refuse, stand your ground, and tell her it is her job to fix the problem. The next person to call will be Nora Arpin, the SVP of Comerica, who is the connection between Treasury (and Comerica getting paid from taxpayer dollars) and Comerica. Nora can be reached at (248) 371- ****. Make certain you tell both Nora and Susan that you will be in touch with JB Simms and Ms.

Densmore, and that you are aware that an investigation into their business practices is coming very soon.

Again, send me your story, and call these persons. We will make them accountable for what they have done, the Veterans they have abused, and the money they have taken from our government.

Update by user Aug 16, 2018

For you persons who have experienced identity theft from your Direct Express account, and the unnecessary delay in getting your money returned, be assured that this matter has gained the attention of national media. The person who is responsible for Comerica adhering to federal banking laws, as the subcontractor of the US government, is named Nora Arpin.

The telephone number I was given to reach her is (248) 371-****. Arpin is supposedly the boss of Susan Schmidt and Susan Rutledge. After I made contact with Schmidt and Rutledge, Arpin personally researched my professional profile on LinkedIn. Her inquiry, along with the inquiry made by Mitchell Raymond (who works for Conduent, the company which runs the 6 call centers).

Arpin and Raymond know the customers are not going to tolerate these persons abusing customers and not doing their jobs. Call Nora Arpin at (248) 371-**** and give her an earful. You can also look up Nora on Facebook under the name Nora Teagan Arpin. Feel free to leave messages there as well.

Nora can also be found on LinkedIn. If you have an account with LinkedIn, message her there.

We need all the stories we can get in order to drain the swamp at Comerica. You can always reach me at (803) 309-****, and at jb.simms10@***.com

Original review posted by user Feb 05, 2018

My debit card account was hacked. I found the evidence on December 10, 2017.

I called Direct Express immediately and gave them notice of the intrusion. Direct Express has allowed a provisional purchase, made on December 9, 2017, to be paid to the fraudsters on December 22, 2017. I had to resort to contacting the Better Business Bureau in order to get to a representative of Direct Express. They have delayed their "investigation" after I gave them all the information they needed, and they have allowed additional debits to be made from my account.

Direct Express is in direct violation of a couple federal laws, Section 226.12 Paragraph 12 (B), and Paragraph 12 (B) 2 (iii) 3. They act with impunity and try to make excuses. They delayed the adjudication of my case from the original date of December 26 until January 10, 2018. The customer service advocate is protecting the "investigators." I have done their job; I know what they can do and should do.

I have friends who are in bank fraud units. Direct Express held up my money, compromised by business, and kept me from buying Christmas presents. I have payments to make for software which keeps me from working. The Comerica office in Detroit was of no help.

I spoke with a woman name Susan Schmidt, a VP, who referred the matter back to the same incompetent person at Direct Express. I had to collect the money from the vendor; Direct Express did not lift a finger to help, postponing my "case" for 2 weeks (also a violation). If I cannot get the attention of the fed agency to do their job, I am ready to recruit other disaffected customers and go after them for damages. They are doing this to older retirees whose cards have been compromised.

I am a retired private investigator, and I do not quit easily. I can be reached at my publishing company, Erik Publishing. Contact me, I am easy to find.

Anyone who had had monies held hostage by Direct Express as a result of fraud on your card, join me. I am moving forward and will help any and all.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: abuse of customer, violation of law.

Preferred solution: change the secretive structure of Direct Express, and stop abusing retirees. A public lawsuit will be nice..

Direct Express Cons: Lack of transparency, Abuse of customers by fraud department, Violation of fdic consumer protection law 6500.

Direct Express violates FDIC regulations. We must come together for class action suit.
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I just got my ssi direct express card frauded for $240 on 2/1/21 from Kazakhstan.


I need help I started getting fraudulent charges in December and more in Janurary .There are over 60 of them 10 seconds apart or until there is no money left I contacted Direct Express on saturday and everything was fine til I brought up fraud they locked my account and will not do anything to resolve this until we go take a 100 mile trip to the social security office which is closed because of covid .We have a lot of bills to pay and are at a crossroads and need help.


I just tried calling this "Thomas" guy and both phone numbers go straight to voicemail


Even though it hasn't been but 2 days,n 16 hours of being on hold,I've yet to talk to anyone about my claim,an ATM said it dispersed 400.00 to me n it did not,I am disabled,with chronic congestive heart failure,n all my bills are set to be paid by the 5th of each month,,I'm sure I am going to lose my vehicle because of non payment, because of late or no payment,,I'm stressed to the max, been upset emotionally so bad,cause of what I'm going through physically n mentally, losing my vehicle,can't buy food,pay my bills,,this is not right,,I pray n pray to the Lord let this matter end with the return of my money,,I pray for you all dealing with with company!!,,,thank you for reading n your time,, Sincerely,Pat C


they stole from me also Direct Express are nothing but thieves and liars


I am disgusted with the way this company handles the life line of so many of us disabled americans. I have been in a dispute with this place for over a month.

An ATM didnt give me all my money so I filed a claim with them. The put the money back into my account so I assumed the claim was done and I went about paying my Bill's.

Come Aug 30th the took my money back out of my account and now refuses to give it back to me. How do I get in on this lawsuit or investigation as I'm going to be lucky if I dont lose my home due to this.


On 8-14-2019 I logged on to usdirectexpress.com, I transfered approx 2000.00 to my checking account and received a confirmation number. It specificaly said on there website that if the transfer does not go through that you will be notified.

I was not notifed! On 8-20-2019 I called direct express customer service and spoke with level 1 and level 2 customer service. I was told that they have been having technical issues with there website transfering funds to checking accounts and that it is not possible to do tranfers on there website anymore and they are advising customers to use there automated phone service to do tranfers to checking accounts. I had them connect me to the automated service and I requested the funds to be tranfered to my checking account and was given a confirmation number.

On 8-21-2019 I called again because I wanted to make sure there would be no issues this time around. I spoke with level 1 customer service and was told that everything looked good on there end and that I should have the money in 5 days. I asked to speak with his level 2 manager because I did not want to take any chances with being given wrong information, such as happened in the past! He connected me with "Chaunetelle" employee id #812****.

I explained my situation to her. Explaining that this issue arrised on 8-14-2019 and that I really needed my funds. After about 30 minutes of going back and forth with her she advised me that there is a NEW policy for tranfering funds to a checking account and that you must submit a copy of your state ID and copy of your checking account statement and that it must be emailed to advocacy@***.com and that it takes them 5 business days to process and approve.Then once its approved I can request a transfer again for the 3rd time and that I would have the funds 5 days after the transfer. I explained to her that I needed the funds urgently and pleaded with her to transfer me to the advocacy department or provide me with there phone number, she said it wasnt possible.

I continued to ask her for options such as a corporate number and so forth. She said she had no other options for me and that she was disconnecting the call. She abruptly hung up on me! THERE ARE OBLIGATIONS FOR PREPAID BANKING COMPANYS OR ANY FINANCIAL COMPANY FOR THAT MATTER.

They are OBLIGATED to notify all customers by mail in the event that there are policy changes that affect your account. At the very least they can advise you on there website. Not this company!

I have gone ahead and emailed the documents. I guess now I wait for another 10-12 days before I have my funds in my checking account if im lucky.


JB Simm I will try and contact you meanwhile can you try and contact me. Thank you Sincerely Stehanie Herrin


I too am a victim of Comerica Direct Express. Direct express denied my claim due to an obvious unauthorized charged.

How do I add myself to the Class Action Law Suit?? Please send me an email or contact me!


I can't get my money off my direct express card every I call they can't help me I'm on disability my account is locked up I've direct express for a week and hold 6_7 hours a day I have bills to pay that's all the income I have


Go to your personal Bank... that's what I did but you have to have your Direct Express card to give them.

That way they can extract your funds from D.E. to your bank acct....

I'm still not through with D.E.!! They took over $6,000 from me!


After having a smooth relationship with Direct Express for a little over three years, this past month has been a complete nightmare for me. Our family is really stressed out, and it all started because this one idiot representative decided to cancel our card without our authorization.

I will now be behind 2 months in rent , and they don't care at all. My husband who is my payee has gone to Social Security several times and they are aware of the problems that a lot of people are having with them. Thank God my husband has some side income, but they have no right to basically hold mine, and our sons' benefits hostage. They are a horrible company .

The agent over at Social Security was extremely sympathetic to our situation, and now he has set it up to where our funds are going to go directly to our new bank account which is Chase and it should take one to two weeks instead of one month. I did send an email to the Inspector General and I hope we get a response. I try to put a brave face in front of my kids and try not to cry as I worry about being able to feed them.

My heart goes out to anyone who is in this situtation and I can totally relate to them. I don't understand why the US Treasury is even allowing this to happen.


Thank you for posting your story. Bureau of Fiscal Services has delayed the awarding of the Direct Express contract because of the investigation of Comerica Bank and Bureau of Fiscal Services.

It is good that you had your funds sent to another place.

All persons should contact their US senators and request a follow up investigation of Bureau of Fiscal Services by the General Accounting Office (GAO), and ask for a follow up to the report GAO 17-176. If the GAO gets involved, good things will happen.




We need all customers to contact there State Senator and Repertative in there State to help get there funds back. Then add your name to the class action sue that Jim Simms involved with the bank.


I wish victims would. If one victim convinced their senator or representative to contact the GAO (General Accounting Office) and do a follow up investigation to report GAO 17-176, we could stop this mess quickly.


If you write to the BBB about Direct Express they seem to respond and do the right thing.


The BBB simply sends your complaint to Susan Schmidt of Comerica Bank (Detroit). Schmidt sends the inquiry to a Conduent employee in Texas.

The fact that there is a huge suit against Comerica and Conduent is testament to the fact that nothing gets done. You have to call Sonja Scott at OIG Treasury at (202) 927-****.


I have yet to receive any money that was not authorized by me on my Direct Express Card last year in July. I have written several letters, sent tons of emails, made even more calls to the customer service department, the bank president, other fraud victims, department of Treasury people, the Social Security Department, Direct Express Fraud Department, Congressman, Reporters, and so on.

I am exhausted at the attempts i have made and failed results i have gotten. I really wish someone wouldmake these crooks do the promises they claim on their website suxh as offera provisional credit and a conduct a real investigation for our claims. I have only been rejected, ignored, overlooked, taken advantage of, humiliated, hung up on, given the run around, and told there were no more options forthe denial decision on ky dispute i filed last year regardless of me not authorizing any charges. I was unaware of these charges and i didnt think i was rver gonna be denied but i was and there were so many inconsistencies with the website is claiming the company does in the event this happens abd what actually happens that i lost count.

They dont represent honesty or any kind of protection for their consumers in the event fraud occurs on their card abd its disturbing and misleading to tell people they have protocols yet never even acknowledge any of them. These crooks are not regulated to be safe enough to trust our money we get to live on that most are already struggling with to survive and the Direct Express Card employees dont careand never even have a consistent reason to why they deny our disputes. I was treated rudely and im just wanting some resolution now its tiring going in circles for me. When are these people gonnabe addressed for their fraudulent business practices on the disabled and elder cinsumers they are taking advantage and steaking from?

Ive never had such a horrific experience with any company ive had any complaint with in my life.

These people lie to get your money anf then have no resolution as ti why it was stolen offtheir credit card without our consent. Someone please help us.


The malfeasance of Comerica Bank, Conduent, and the Bureau of Fiscal Services has been well documented on these pages. If you still have an issue, and have not received your money, call Sonja Scott, OIG Treasury, at (202) 927-****.

Before you call, send your narrative to Ms. Scott at Scott.S@***.treas.gov. Her fax number is (202) 927-****. Contacting Conduent and Comerica Bank is a waste of time, as you probably have found out.

You can call the head of the Fraud Unit at Conduent, Shantelle Johnson, at (210) 334-****. She has banking experience but has shown no evidence of having no knowledge of any banking regulations. The "guard dog" of Fiscal Services is a person named Thomas Santaniello. Call him at (202) 874-**** or (202) 309-****.

Santaniello is protecting the persons at Fiscal Services who are deciding who gets the new contract. Make the calls. Do the work. Make good notes.

J.B. Simms

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