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I noticed that there were several questionable transactions I didn't make on my direct express card 6/2017 I called the 1-800-741-1115 phone number on the back of my card ( customer service) and every time a prompt indicating that they were expirencing longer then usual wait times please try your call again later ! Frustrating!!!

If I did get through I got hung up immediately . If I did get an actual person they were rude short and told me I had to call the merchant that was charging my card and take it up with them . I went to my local bsocial security office and was told they couldn't do anything because there records show that they paid me and the money was deposited that I had to call direct express! 757.00 that's what I get a month and what I have to live on .

How? When I'm missing $350.00 a month for trasactions I didn't authorize ? Direct express and the employees has well has the social security doesn't care that my bills have more then accumulated and are far beyond over due I have to borrow money from family and friends to get by the rest of the month even worse I've been evicted and am now homeless due to this *** ! Not one person who's supposed to be of help to me gives a s*hit !

Recently 12/3 the card has been suspended and I was told a new card has been issued no tracking number was given only info I was given was that my card should be arriving in 2 business days . Now when I call the customer service number to direct express I can't get through to talk to a actual person just a prompt saying my card was issued 12/3 and SHOULD BE arriving in 2 business days ! My balance $257.00 !! Uh where is the other $500.00$ !

This is wrong I feel very much violated in so many ways! And not one person if these two government businesses care to help me or care that I've already lost so much because of Direct express!

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Shipping Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Shut up and grow a pair NEVER had any trouble your JUST to dam lazy

Cynthia C

Remove your money immediately ! Run to your local credit union or bank.

Or ask SSA for a paper check. Here is the link- Make you report this theft to the police. Complain to

Lastly contact Jame Simms at He is making a list of disgruntled consumers of DirectExpress services. Good luck!

Cynthia C
to Cynthia C #1618245 I forgot the "b"

to Cynthia C #1667168

Hi, I am going through the same thing, I lost my card, ordered a new one; after doing so, I did not receive the new card in about a week, called them, and instead of them being respectful to my concern, they were incredibly rude; telling me that I needed to order another card; and at the same time telling me that I have my money on the old card; after I told them a hundred times, that I canceled that card. After enduring the third agent's rude behavior; I asked to talk to a supervisor who told me to call them by 12 oClock to direct the money on the new card they issued me; when I called them at 12.

they told me that I couldn't change anything; and the process started all over again. They looked over the fact of me telling them that I need my money to pay bills with, and ty to tell me that I can't get a paper check from my local SSI office.

Very agitated. From Beaumont Texas.

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