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I am reading about human beings who are being treated with disrespect and this includes funds that are being issued by the government. Direct Express is mishandling these funds and it is treating human beings in the most horrid way.

Why is no one stepping in to stop this company from treating us the way they are? I've never in my life seen a company so bold in their rudeness before. Is it because they feel some kind of self obtained power?

We have to ripple waves and cause a big enough wave to stop these monsters.

Remember its not the employee all the time, the ones who hang up on you need to be fired. I agree on that. The other ones who have not provided a customer service phone line need to be mandated to do just that. As well as customer support with the IT department who I'm told are unreachable unless you put in a "ticket" and then you have five business days to wait it out until they call you back.

This is an ineffective system and Direct Express has chosen to use this and should be fired by the government.

Remember we had no choice with this system, we were forced to use it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Please read my comments above about what is the problem here. .

Direct Express Pros: Lack of fees is nice.

Direct Express Cons: Waiting time on phone, Rudeness of this customer rep, Way they talk to you on the phone.

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I just had a similar experience. I called my card to review my balance when I did I was told to put in my entire card number, when I did that I was transferred and put on hold for a while.

When someone finally answered my call I was told there was unauthorized activity on my card on March 23, almost 2 weeks before I called for my monthly deposit. I was never contacted from the company that anything had happened. I was put back on hold for a while and when she returned I was told that per their Fraud department they will have to issue me a new card and that it would take 2 weeks to receive my new card, I explained to her I can not wait 2 weeks my house payment is due among other day to day bills and the late fees I could not afford. She informed me at that time that I could request it for UPS delivery however I would be responsible for a 15 dollar charge to have it sent to me.

Of course I will pay this charge at this time since this will only put me 2 days behind on my bills and may be able to avoid the late fees. If this company had informed me that they knew about this 2 weeks prior I could have acted sooner and would avoid having to pay for a new card to be sent, when NONE of this was my fault. I feel the government should NO LONGER allow this company to be a part of this system. They should be investigated on the inside.

How is it possible that so many people have having this same problem, their money being taken or attempted to be taken from an ATM. This tells me there is something going on with DIRECT EXPRESS and it would seem to be inside involvement on their end. This should not be allowed to continue. And yes the fact that we were forced to us this company, how can we be told we HAVE to use them when there are SO MANY other company's that could supply a card with a security chip.

VERY UPSET with this entire mess. Someone needs to investigate these people ASAP. This is not protection and for all of us receiving disability/social security benefits CAN NOT afford to have any delays in receiving our monthly benefits. Someone has to know how this can be put forward for an investigation.

NOT ACCEPTABLE Who knows what other information has been used for any one affected by this such as social security numbers, addresses. Its time that this ends.