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On feb 1 while i was in the doctors office in kissimmee,fl with my wallet id and this express card someone in sunny island FL withdrawn my daughter's check of 409.00 and dollars now how did happen i call them to let them know i don't live in no sunny island FL which is 4 hours away from me all this while i was in my doctors appointment on feb,1 2017 someone needs to get on this company taking from disable needed people you call no help!! either it has to be worker who works with this company taking and giving everyone information and make a duplicate card.

Someone in the side is helping people in theoutside do this fraud they need to be cack down go to jail!! stealing checks from people in need now i don't have my rent money you will pay in god eyes you sure will

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Monetary Loss: $409.

Direct Express Cons: Poor.

  • Direct Express Fraud
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Maybe their daughters money is death benefits... smh


Is your daughter an adult? If not, why would HER money impact YOU paying rent? Or are you just one of those people that produce kids because it's the only thing you can do to get money?