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Update by user Jan 21

credit issued 1/9/19

Update by user Jan 08

on 1/8/19 today at 10;30 am Kevin from direct express called me and told me my case was approved and i should see the $192.73 back on my account before the day is over. in total with all of the places i had to send e-mails to and contact by phone it took direct express 32 total days to give me the credit back.

i think if i had not done all the hours contacting all these people and e-mails i would have been waiting much longer. a *** of a lot of work just to get back what someone else took.

Update by user Jan 04

about 6;30 pm on 1/3/19 kevin (see below) left me a voice message stating; sorry i missed your call, please return my call. on 1/4/19 i called Kevin, i told him what i left on his voicemail, he stated he understands but the investigators have other cases prior to mine.

i told Kevin ; direct express really needs to have something in place for people, not just me, who survive on SSI as there only income and have nothing left to live on at all a priority in there investigations because this is not a game here it is real life situations where people have nothing to survive on for God knows how long before an investigation is completed or the credit is given. he agreed, but said nothing about how or what to do other then he would let me know by phone when a decision was made. i also received an e-mail from the BBB which stated; you have a reply from the company. i looked at the reply which was from Comercia management stating; direct express is not under the scope of the BBB because it is under a federal agency.

and that the complaint was forwarded to direct express for them to work with me in getting this resolved. i rejected the company reply and stated; Comercia stating that direct express is not under the scope of the BBB is irrelevant because any company that has consumers are responsible for there services, and i have been working with direct express for 27 days and they are aware the charges are Fraudulent.

Update by user Jan 03

this message is for Michael from your site who sent me the e-mail wanting to do a you tube interview, i need a little time to get my composure back, let me see what Kevin from direct express says if and when he returns my call . i can't believe this *** is still going on.

Update by user Jan 03

i called kevin (see below) at 12;09pm today 1/3/19 his phone answered this time (see below 512-671-2998) said to leave voice message, i left him a message to please call back because i just received my ssi deposit today and i have already used all but 394.30 and i will still half to pay my phone bill for almost $100.00 this month which will leave me with a total of about $77.00 from now until when ever they place the $192.73 back on my card, and i will be in exactly the same shape this month as last. / i am waiting for him to call back as of this post.

Update by user Jan 02

on 1/2/19 i received an e-mail from cardholder advocacy group direct express , Kevin (wondering if this is the same kevin noted earlier in posts if it is the phone number 5126712998on the e-mail and the same that kevin gave me from a couple of days ago (see posts earlier) when you call it states; cannot connect. HUM, // the direct express fraud investigations will review your fraud claim on 1/22/19 (HUM thats 45days) using the information you provided.

if time allows they may review the claim prior to the deadline as long as all necessary information has been received. i sent a reply; that's a joke right.

Update by user Jan 01

on 12/31/18 i called direct express again, this time i was forwarded to a supervisor, the lady and i went over the entire course of my claim, she told me that i had done everything correct and it was not direct express that was refusing to apply the provisional credit but MasterCard denied the provisional credit until the investigation was complete. she told me there system showed that on the day i used a Huntington bank ATM at 10;22am about an hour later someone started using my card information to do 3 $20.00 charge backs to my account and then the 2 from champs in NY the next day (my direct express online website never showed the chargebacks, and i was told they would not have showed to me) according to her direct express regular call personal are only given limited information about fraud investigations and ways direct express can access exactly what happens in regards to things like charge-backs when fraud is concerned etc.

so dealing with the call personal can become very frustrating simply because of the restrictions upon employee knowledge in regards to using a persons card for fraud , which she states; helps keep customers safe.

she set up and transferred me to a comercia bank supervisor who i told generally about the problem and asked if he could do anything about the credit to my account, he said you may half to wait until the investigation is complete but i will have a person call you that may be able to do something in 24-48 hours. so my question here is if FE knows that fraud happened then why does not mastercard know ?because there is absolutly no reason to not give the credit now.

Update by user Dec 28, 2018

see last update below; you would have lost your bet if you thought direct express would have given me the provisional credit today. looks like MR. kevin the escalated personal did not even walk to the investigator for my case which is in the same building because it is now 10;14 pm EST USA and my account still shows zero balance.

Update by user Dec 28, 2018

tell me i am in the twilight zone here, PLEASE; i just received a call from direct express, he said he was calling because my case had been escalated to him (see earlier that escalation happened on my call of the 24th which was 4 days ago they are all in the same building i found out) his name is Kevin, i told him the entire story going back to the 8th. he said he was sorry about the customer support and he would do what he could to get this resolved, he said he could get this to the investigator on monday.

i asked him if this person was in the same building ? he said yes, i said ; you have got to be kidding me this person is in the same building as you and you are going to tell me you can get it to him on Monday ! have you listened to everything i just told you ? i told him listen try going without any money at all for 18 days and i mean nothing and then have someone tell you that you will half to wait until monday to get this information to another person and then see how long that other person takes before doing what needs to be done, and you will understand exactly how i feel.

he said i will see if i can do something about this today, i told him i would appreciate that, he also gave me his phone number. anyone want to place odds of anything happening today ??

Update by user Dec 28, 2018

OH ! you guys are going just love this; i called direct express today 12/28/18 at 12;09 pm about 15 minutes ago, guy named chuck transferred me to lady named Brittney i told her on my last three calls DE kept stating they have not received my letter yet, Brittney said wait a minute we show your letter was received on the 26th, i said i called on the 26th and was told my letter has not been received.

Brittney stated (now get this); the 10 day period to receive the provisional credit was on the 24th and after that it would be up to the investigator if they wanted to do that. i told her i expect DE to do exactly what they state which is to credit the persons account even if the investigation is not completed, and it is the holidays and the mail may be a day or two slower but i cannot control the mail, i also told her there has to be a date on the letter i sent on the 13th, she said; we cannot control the mail either i will pass this on to the investigator is there anything else i can help you with ? i said yes do exactly what your own fraud form states, the letter was mailed on the 13th and the date will be on the letter so do what your suppose to do.

can you believe direct express may not allow a provisional credit to be placed on your account because the mail was a day or two slow. this cannot be happening.

Update by user Dec 26, 2018

ok its now 12/26/18 i called direct express again and again they said; we have not received your fraud form yet. and after talking about the same problem they informed me that if your fraud form is not received within ten days of your original call to us you will half to wait until the investigation is completed before your account is credited. what kind of horse dump is that ?

Update by user Dec 24, 2018

an update from today 12/24/18 i called direct express again this morning after finding out the money still has not been placed back on my account, lady told me the exact same thing as my call on the 21st with the exception of her stating she would escalate my case to someone over her and she told me that i might get a call from them in the next few days, she also stated the 10 day provisional credit clause is not an absolute. ( whatever) .

so here i am 18 days after calling them and still nothing.

believe it or not i had to use change to get a prescription filled from my doctor for medication from cervical spine decompression & fusion on the 17th of this month. this really is not my month !!

Original review posted by user Dec 22, 2018

on 12/7/18 someone used my card number to make two purchases, i contacted direct express on 128/18 when i seen my account balance was 0, they took down the information and stated they would send a letter, i filled out a police report on the 8th also, about 5-5 days later i received the letter and filled out the form and returned it with a copy of the police report. on the 18th i called direct express and was told nothing can be done until the investigation was done, i told them i had no money whatsoever, i called back on the 22nd (today) i told direct express that there own letter states;if the completed questioner of fraud or a letter outlining your claim details is received within 10 business days from the date of your initial call, and the investigation is not complete, a provisional credit will be issued to your card account on the 10th business day.

// i was told that we show the 10 working days to be the 24th. i said 10 business days is the 21st which was yesterday (friday) she said ; your right but our system says the 24th. she said; we have not received your letter yet, i told her it was mailed on the 12th or 13th, she said; would you like us to send you another form and you can sax it back to us, (no fax machine) how can direct express say the 24th is ten business days instead of the 21st and then tell me they have not received my form on top of that ?

i have had no money at all since the 12 th of this month and it's now according to direct express either going to be placed back on my account on the 24th if (IF) they received my form or sending them another form after they mail it to me then take another 24 days to go through this whole issue again. thanks; direct express.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $193.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Direct Express Cons: Call personal very in there ability to help consumers.

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Cynthia C

Please put your complaints in writing and send to J.Simms jbsimms@erikpublishing.com. He is collecting stories of consumers who have been treated unjustly by Direct Express.

We are a group of disgruntled people who are tired of being robbed.

Make sure you contact your police department, identity theft.gov and FDIC. GOOD LUCK.


Once you receive your credit, immediately remove it. Several people got a credit to later have DE to take it back.

Contact the merchants yourselfand ask them to return your monies, DE will not investigate. DEgets over b/c people trust them to do right because their business was sanctioned by the Feds.

They are thugs with shirts on. Their main goal is to take your money and the FDIC money and vacation in Tahini

Cynthia C

Get your information from the automated phone system. However be prepared to record your transaction history.

For me there were 2 different account histories. The website transactions were different than the transactions listed on the phone. Personally I think that the automated history is more accurate than the website. Go to IdentityTheft.gov and lodge a complaint with them.

Contact James Simms at jsimms@erikpublishing.com. He is compiling a list of wronged consumers of DirectExpress.

Lastly move your money to a credit union or bank or ask SSA for a paper check, here is the link-https://www.ssa.gov/deposit/EFT%20Waiver%20Form.pdf. After I recouped my money, $1500+, I removed every penny and went to a local credit union If you need to vent I am willing to listen 770 7859193, Cynthia

@Cynthia C

both systems show the exact same charges. i will check out id theft.com and see if it will even make any difference at all in making direct express put the credit on my account in a rapid manner seeing the time that has already passed.

thx for address of mr. simms i will sent my name and e-mail to him.


Identity theft.gov