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I've since found a reputable, local credit union. I enrolled in direct deposit, so my monthly SSi amount will go them now.

I've filled out the paperwork to receive their debit card also. Anyone can discontinue use with DE, and go to a local bank. I don't have the best banking history either, but they are willing to give me an opportunity.

I'm older now, I'm a member of society, trying to make a go of it. You can always ask about an accout

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6/15 I woke up to 4 very unfamiliar, unwelcome charges on my Direct Express accnt. I've been on SSI now for two years, and unfortunately my account has been hacked into three times, I won't say this was the worst, because each time for me was as devastating, this time they were able to steal the largest sum of money, ($1,200).

I immediately called, (or should I say, attempted calling) Customer Service.

Long story short, this ordeal cost me many tears, lots of obscene language, and a little over two months of literally having zero in my accnt, fortunately I have some very understanding debtors.

Towards the end of July, I recvd a letter from DE stating they concluded their investigation, they had recvd information from the merchants in question indicating I gave authorization for these transactions, I was bewildered and furious to say the least. So, they weren't going to replace any of my money. Then as I was just about to pull myself up and out of monthly *** I recvd the second letter, stating they had concluded with their investigation, that they had replaced ($956), that's all but $150, with no explanation why. (I'm still trying to retrieve the last $150) But I've come to the conclusion and as far as I'm concerned, they, (DE phone help) doesn't really know what they're doing, or what they should be doing, none of them.

It is my opinion, most are just a warm body paid to occupy an empty chair, and that most of us on SSI could do a better job, at least with more tacted and compassion I’m sure. Presently I am in the process of terminating services with DE.

Any debit card I've ever had the experience of using can't be any worse than they are. Hopefully the staff with my next choice aren't the culprits.

User's recommendation: I wouldn't recommend using them, but if you have no choice and something similar happens to you, Make noise, lots of noise, don't just accept what they say as absolute.

Monetary Loss: $150.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Direct Express Pros: Card works in many places.

Direct Express Cons: Customer service was dreadful, Music when on hold sucks.

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