I finally got a hold of direct express they sent several debit cards out to me it was very frustrating for me because I would try to activate the cards and then direct express is like that card is no good this happend multiple time I finally demanded to talk to a supervisor they finally came on the phone I told her that they sent out multiple cards and none of them were any good I'm like your people don't know what there doing she finally told me the card number I should be looking for the good card finally came but I had fraudulent activity they sent me some papers I filled them out but direct express had my money so I couldn't touch it and by the time I received the right card that was the same day the fraud papers were supposed to be back to them so I'm gonna be losing another 50 bucks that I won't be able to get back as soon as I can I'm gonna get a real bank account because after this experience I no longer trust direct express with my money they don't protect there customers at all they do not contact there customers to question the unauthorized transactions and by the time you find out direct express already has let these criminals take the money out and then you can't get it back criminals was the same day

User's recommendation: Don't trust direct express.

Location: Rockledge, Florida

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