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On October 30th, in the year 2017, I called to order a replacement card sent to my address, 692 san Francisco avenue, in the city of south lake Tahoe, California zip code 96150 and received it on November 4th in the year 2017. I had my purse stolen from me on November 5th in the year 2017.

It is now November 7th in the year 2017. I will be calling you soon to order one more replacement card at the address as mentioned above.

When I call you, I would like to have it shipped to the address above, by U.P.S or Federal Express service. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Card Replacement.


Direct Express Pros: Whole package.

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I had gone out of state my mom was in ICU she passed 4 days later. I went to use my Direct Express thrust SIS wouldn't work.

I called Direct Express they had frozen/stopped my card due to there breach. I explained my situation they said card would be mailed should get it in 6-8 business days. I needed my money just to get home. They offered to express mail to home for 16.??

. I said not doing me much good in Tennessee I am in Georgia. No comment.I had to borrow money to get home. Iam waiting to see if I was charged for new card on statement.

I haven't found anywhere there was a breach. So do i need to concern myself with SS info because of "breach"?