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Last month I made admittedly unusual purchases with my Direct Express debit card but they were nonetheless made by me and ONLY me. DE took it upon themselves to close my account due to 'suspicious activity' with no notice whatsoever.

I had moved and did not realize I hadn't put in a change of address, most likely due to the fact that it's a hellish experience to deal with them by phone and it cannot be done on line so I forgot. I'm moving again and called today to report the address change. Before the robot could even answer my call, I was confronted by 2 different 'promotional' offers then disconnected. After finally getting through to a real person, was informed that my account was on hold, to fax 2 forms of identity or else.

Also they will not allow me to change to another financial institution which has been ongoing for years now and I've just let it go but no more. I am more than p**sed; it's my hard earned money and my right to do what I want to with it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Reason of review: They're holding my money hostage..

Direct Express Cons: Customer service.

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On the last page of your statement the last line reads direct express and direct express logos in service marked of the United States department of treasury financial management services do you understand this is not a bank this is the treasury department


I believe the banking institution SS chose to oversee the Direct Express accounts is a major issue of dissatisfaction as well - it's either unbelievably archaic or unfortunately in this case, just doesn't give a d*** simply for the fact that they're not adequately compensated.

For instance under the 'other services' listing, there used to be a bill paying service 'coming soon' notification. This didn't happen and that extremely helpful service notice just vanished.

Nor can you deposit any other monies to YOUR account.

With regard to what the lady had to go through regarding her own 'unusual' spending on her account - there should have been a notification of some sort as opposed to being declined at the checkout register with a cart full of groceries!!!


Yes. Social Security was nasty toward me when I inquired about an alternative debit card company.

Apparently Direct Express is the only one the government has now.

The government gets a D- for not having an alternate card provider. Monopoly creates indifference and recipients having to deal with primadonna card provider issues.


So you made unusual charges, failed to change your address with them twice and they want you to fax in two forms of ID to verify who you are. They sound like they are trying to protect your finances.

And NO ONE can not let you change from one financial institution to another.

Of course they are going to want to keep your business, sometimes to the point of being obnoxious, but just be extreme that you want to change. Don't even go thru them. If your deposit is thru employment do a new direct deposit with another agency.

Same with Social Security. Just make sure you do it early since each company has a different cutoff date for changes


I tried to go with another card company and SSA worker came across as if I had committed a felony against the government for even inquiring.

I realize not every SSA worker acts like a Nazi, but Individuals who have to use these cards should not be treated like criminals.

Yes, Direct Express was protecting the ladies' account when she moved. I can understand the ladies' frustration and exasperation at the same time.