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Update by user Nov 03, 2016

I got lucky. Finally I spoke to a rep called Debbie, who was extremely polite, she referred me to Heather and she said that the problem wasn't from them but from MasterCard and it would take either 24 or 48 hours to get resolved.

I found MasterCard's customer service phone number and called. To my surprise it referred me back to Direct Express!

So now, my problem instead of getting resolved got deeper. I am disabled, after a stroke, I'm behind on my bills, I have 4 kids to feed, medication to buy and treatment to follow.

Update by user Nov 03, 2016

After being kept on hold FOR THREE HOURS whoever answered the phone HUNG UP on me.

Update by user Nov 03, 2016

Sorry, I am so affected I can't even type correctly- I can't get through their phone. I paid for something that it was not my fault, I was made to wait longer than I was told and it is for nothing. THE CARD DOES NOT WORK.

Update by user Nov 03, 2016

I waited for my new card for 4 days instead of two, I got the card and IT DOES NOT WORK. I can't through their phone, I can't talk to any representative to find out what's going on

Original review posted by user Nov 01, 2016

I have been receiving my VA compensations abroad for more than 10 years and I haven't had any problems up until this so called "more convenient way to receive federal benefits". It took me two years to get this new Direct Express, I was assured by the Treasury Department that this was the replacement for the paper check and it would work globally. My card was mailed to my current residency, which happens to be abroad and it did work but unfortunately for a short period of time. Then they decided that my GEO location doesn’t match their computer program.

After my debit card had been “temporarily rejected’ by several ATMs at different locations, operated by different banks ( one of those is the one that I have been using for the past 8 years and the same one I withdrew money 4 days before this fiasco started), I called the International Services. I had been calling those services for three consequent days and I had received one and the same answer “Try another ATM, it’s not from this end”. They even went further reciting my balance on the card. Yes, go try another ATM. Maybe this is not such a bad idea for someone who is an exercise geek but I am a stroke victim. Nevertheless, I had tried several machines throughout the city with the hope that those people at the call center know better and I might get lucky (taxi drivers don’t usually take people for a free tour around the city because of their blue eyes, you know) and I had gotten the same notice “Card is temporarily rejected”. I called the services again, and again. “Nothing is wrong with your card, please try later “. On the fifth attempt to find out what exactly was going on with my card and to straighten it came the advice “We cannot do anything, apply for a replacement”. And this replacement will cost me $14. Let’s for a minute assume that I am not the only one experiencing this problem the solution for which is a replacement and multiply the above stated amount by, let’s say, 7 million plus vets and retires who use this “convenient” service. Nice, huh?

There is no direct phone number to complain just a call center. How convenient? This is not service but more confusion. Nobody at that call center was actually willing to explain what the issue with my card was, yet they were quick on sending me to chase the wind and more than happy to announce my card balance. I’m retired, not retarded, I can identify digits when I see them, I can check my balance on line, and actually I do this every time before I withdraw money. I don’t need anyone to interpret digits to me, I want somebody to tell me what’s wrong with my card. Since this question failed to get answered I feel obliged to ask the following:

1. Why somebody can’t check my card history if they can check my card balance and figure it out that my usual GEO location hasn’t changed since day one of using this card?

2. I’ll get a replacement but how long will it work, another four months before somebody else comes up with the bright idea that my GEO location doesn’t match the one from before, which has been the one and the same for the past 10 years?

3. Should I inform the bank every time I decide to withdraw money or purchase something on line and how to do it if there is only this insufficient call center provided?

4. Whose vivid imagination created this twisted perception of convenience that causes nothing but aggravation, dissatisfaction and distortion?

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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