I paid extra money to have my new card in two days and it took 4 days.And all my money was tied up.I lost or my wallet was stolen I dont know witch .I woke up early and I was going for coffee when I realized my wallet was missing I looked everywhere so I looked on the APP and discovered that my card was used in the night to pay someone's phone bill of 50.00 dollars.And then they paid for a *** site.And then starbucks.and something else. Anyway I called and canceled my card and that was easy using the automated phone system.But I needed to call and talk to someone but it took so long I gave up.I couldn't get back into my Direct Exspress APP Because I didn't remember my whole card number.it was stolen and I didn't memorize it. I am very unhappy with how long it takes to get ahold of a person.

User's recommendation: Write you card number down so you have it .And dont Deleat the APP because if you do you wont be able to use it unless you Remember your card number.

Location: San Francisco, California

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