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Well the irs is saying that thay sent my eip 2 to this bank that I don't have so I contacted the bank it was a comerica bank so I called them thay say thay can't pull up any info with my son number so from that point I did my research the account that the irs has for me at the comerica" bank is not a account number its a card but when I go to look up thats information it takes me to direct express card ording thing will it as is that card u are referring to starts with 53324 or ××××× well I have the information the irs gave me and witch the account is the card ...card said to be known as a card number not account so I mke my description as to what information irs gave me then it takes me to intrun my information it say no info found well my mom is my payee from my ssi and I asked her to call direct express cause that card listed match the first 4or5 numbers for the account/card and thay are a match well my mom said she called and nothing direct express wont talk to me cause I'm not the card holder my mom is but she no longer has a direct express card she banks with her own bank and now my ssi goes there so from this point no eip 2 but I have gotta the 2nd and 3nd

Location: Cedar Rapids, Iowa

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