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I disputed the purchases but after sending in the claims forms they say there was no error made. I have never used Redbox or Amazon but yet I left having to pay a number of purchases because Direct Express says I did.

I hate being called a liar. I know what I did and it *** sure wasnt buy stuff from these places.

I have to go all month on my checks and never blow my money. Now who can i talk too to make them give me my monry back.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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If your dispute was denied you still have appeal rights. Go to the Direct Express website and take a look at the procedures for appeal, or call them and ask them what your rights are and to send you info on how to further appeal.

For your information, card companies almost always take the word of the vendor when there is a situation like yours. Either your card was fraudulently used or someone got access to it, etc.

Your could always claim fraud with the card company and get them to give you a new card and numbers, which might be a simpler way of resolving this because if you didn't use the card, then someone certainly did which means your card is now compromised. Either way, you need to resolve this.