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I have known this guy for a week. Suddenly he told me he bought a gift in France n want to courier to me from France.

So he been asking me my contact details and my address with my full name. Obviously I feels weird and asking why. He upset with my question. So I give him my details as above mentioned.

He not allowing me to sleep and wanted me to go to company website and given me the tracking code number. He also put a link for me to click it and check right away. I am afraid that if this a fraud/ scam. So i just reply to him I will wait for the courier.

I have checked under tracking code: MHFRHJ5348721

I dont know what content it is, and it weight 22kg with charge 3000 US Dollar.

And is it already been paid???? I think it is drug smuggling.

Please cancel this courier right away now!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Shipping Service.

Reason of review: This is drug smuggling!!.

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