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oh see you removed my last complant as you dont want everyone to see Direct Express is a dam fen thief

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Cant not be trusted as we found out they are in on the scams as they got a share of the money they stoled from me nothing but thieves liars that likes picking on us disable ones.So you have Direct Express trash them cause they will steal every cent you have.A investigator found out they get half of the money we dispute by there thieves in there *** poor dispute center.328 calls and still havent got my money.So they will never refund your money as i am suing for 1.6 million dollars for there fraud scam and lies.Also for causing my health to get worst.Every call was a 3 hour wait and idiots transfer me 4 times then that *** cut me off no wonder so many people calling them cause of there lies and scams as they are a fraud

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Reason of review: there dispute center a joke and getting cut off all the time.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Direct Express Pros: No humans.

Direct Express Cons: Scam lies, Poor custoner service, No fraud resolution.

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I've had my social security check deposited into my direct express at first I didn't have any problems with direct express my problems with them started last year in 2020 they are letting fraudulent charges go through they don't even question it and before you know it hundreds of dollars of your money disappears you fill out the papers back and send them back you still don't get your money back last year in 2020 someone hacked me and got my card number and started getting subscriptions to all kinds of stuff on google play so ever since then I check my balance every day and then just the other day I checked it and there was a 49 dollar charge that is didn't do I called direct express number on the back of the card I've called it 11 times today July 6th 2021 everytime I call I keep getting disconnected everytime very frustrating


hi.get brinks debit card or chime direct express is a feaud compsny that steals


Direct Express is horrible, I have been with them for a little over 4 years, the first 3 years no real person to talk to, now they block my card for what ? They say my home phone and cell phone no's don't belong to me, or my #ssn, I have only had two last names in my life and one #ssn, these people scam, and are ***


yes they totally are they sent me a letter saying they did an investigation and said that I authorized the transaction when I didn't do it. I didn't even know what the Google text.me even was I was hacked but yet again second time it's happend to me since last year this year they didn't steal very much beside the point. I do not buy crap from Google.


i know they take money that i dont spend ive proved it several times by keeping up with my balance, i had and couple days later, be short several dollars,,,,,.... i will get rid of them after i get stimulus, if they dont rob it too....


They never pick up I've had 150 fraudulently taken from me and they shut down my card and never returned my money or took the complaint.


Their fraud Department is a JOKE!

@Jayne A Syu

Yes I totally agree. it's almost like they don't even look into any fraud charges it ends up falling back on the card holder.even when your stuff got hacked.last year I lost hundreds of dollars if I had.my way I wouldn't even do business.with Google or direct express .but I can't afford an iphone.


Trash,company!!...beware..they will steal your money.


I’ve been a Direct Express card Holder For a real long time ? I know my I’d & pass.

And I had too put it in 3 time’s to just get locked out . So i called a couple of times , finally again and waited over an Hour , so tonight I tried again ? And had too wait over 1 hour ?

and I tried once more and could hardly understand her well there is more? But she said I had to wait 2 hour’s for a phone call from tect.


Would u really be happy with the security of your account if they just let anyone call up with a story like yours and they INSTANTLY let that person reset the account with little to no effort? (You probably did put it in wrong.

Then got annoyed and put it in wrong again. Then got fuming mad typing it in a 3rd time, and screwed it up again.) Only having to wait 2 hours for a tech call is actually pretty quick service with the Corona virus going on.


''and I tried once more and could hardly understand her well there is more?'' Not being fluent in GIBBERISH, I can't help but wonder how anyone is supposed to understand you. lol


thats why i never use there card to buy anything i send my money to paypal acct. and then purchase it so im protected

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