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I went to direct express card because my house was in forclosure! I am bipolar and i suffer with severe depression!

I wrote my pin number on the back of my card and place it in my dresser draw! I had a severe phychic breakdown and was admitted into the hopital for over two months! When i got out of the hospital; i got placed in an apartment in gilbert arizona and didnt have control of my card! I was told that my money was used by my daughter or and my husband who i was seperated from!

I lost alot of my money! When i finally got the phone number to direct express? I had problems trying to get a live operater on the phone! Then when i finally talk to some in the fraud department!

I was told to write a letter! Instead of them understanding they just sent me the debit transcipts!

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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