I found out on Aug 9th my funds were missing off my card. Called heard the transactions then spoke with representative.

She told me the charges for Netflix of $17.91 made on Aug 6th which wasn't me and a charge on Aug 8th CBS all access for $9.02 which wasn't me either!! She quickly cancelled my card ordered another. Transferred me to the fraud or dispute department and also said I should contact Netflix etc. So I waited on hold for over an hour on my phone for the fraud department while using my boyfriend's phone to contact Netflix.

Netflix cancelled the account that my card was used for but would not tell me their email or name that was used for it. They said it was made up?? I then demanded a supervisor and nobody ever answered. My schedule isn't really with the hours of direct express due to my disability so I haven't been able to reach anybody so I can start the process of getting my stolen money back.

I just waited on hold for 45 minutes and realized it was after 7. Please help me this is insane I need my money.

Location: Orlando, Florida

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