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My card was drained wile I was going tru surgery. On may second I was hospitalized and had to go tru surgery and had complications, during that time my wallet with my cards wore put in the hospitals safe box , on the 8 th of may I was discharged from the hospital on the 9 of may when I went to pay my rent and the rest of my bill I found out that may card was being drained from may 2 nd all the way to the 8 th of may five transactions all perches made online with out my concern o approval tho Macy's .

Com for the total of $642.00 dollars money that I need to pay my rent .

From the first minute that I called costumer service at direct express they wore jumping me around and after 9 times of taking with different people because they would transfer my call to the division that hadals this issue they would hang my call over and over mean wile my card was being drained on may the 9 th finally they picked the call and then they explained me the proces of disputing this transactions they cancel my card send me a new one and the paperwork that I needed to complete and any evidence that I had as proof of my hospitalization almost two week after that I received the paperwork with my card because I couldn't pay the fee they needed to send it faster , after completing the form and sending copy of my discharge for the hospital where was stated when I was admitted and when I was discharged I send it right a way because of the urgency of not being able to pay my rent and by being frustrated by problems that this event had cause wile I was recovering from surgery three weeks from that I call them back because I haven't received the money back and wondering what I am going to do and how I am going to pay my rent to find out that had close the case with out informing me of it and when I asked what was the reason for there desision the answers that they gave me didn't satisfy me because I sumited everything that they ask and what they wore telling me was not accrued to what I had summited and there for that they had I felt that the process was not fare and that instead of making the process easier for me that they wore making it harder knowing that I am sick , recovering from surgery and disabled to the point that is affecting my health and it has ben so frustrating that it appears to be on purpose so I can desist on my claim that my account was drained wile I was in the hospital . To make thing wore I don't now who to go or call to defend me and others like me who are being abused by having are a accounts drain by this criminals and a system that protects them and not us .

Direct Express Pros: Convienance of the card.

Direct Express Cons: Customer service was dreadful, Scam, All of the above.

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I have direct express ss. Last year i went grocery shopping.

I always call and check my available balance. The call got transf to a rep. She told me over $700 charges. Most out of the country.

All online. They paid them all but now someone was attempting cash overseas for thousands of dollars. Haha i didnt have it. That made D.E.

suspicious. Then made me jump thru hoops and wait before giving any kind of temp credit. Horrible fraud protection. Happened again last month.

I found it first. Canc card. Had to pay for xpress replacement.

Hate them. Opened bank acct.


Comerica Bank is the bank which has the government contract to oversee Direct Express. The officials at Comerica (Susan Schmidt, in particular) have allowed the Fraud Unit (very inept) to violate federal law against withholding funds from customers whose accounts were defrauded.

These matters have been turned over to the Office of Inspector General of the Treasury Department. Hopefully Comerica will lose the government contract, which pays the salaries of the persons who ignore yours and others' claims.Look through this site and find the contact information for Comerica, or you can contact me directly at jb.simms10@gmail.comI want your voice heard and your problem solved.


Rita, send me your experience. Things are happening now, and you will want to be part of this.

I have heard dozens of stories. Write your experience and send to as soon as possible.


Nothing has changed one-year later. They have a transfer funds available which doesn't work.

I found out it's no longer in service but online in your account that function still exists.

I tried it, it took the funds then returned them a few days later. Call customer service, menu looping nightmare, no live person unless you don't provide your card number then it transfers you, a message about huge amount of calls then hangs up.


This card has a problem. My account was hacked about the same time from California.

I live in Georgia.

They are no help. We need to file a class action.


I totally agree. But why is the Treasury Dept.

continuing to allow Direct Express to engage in these types of corrupt practices.

People are suffering behind their greed. More importantly, we the people need to stop talking about doing something about it...and do it!


Send your story to me at Things are happening and you will want to be a part of this.


Contact me asap and write your story at Things are happening. I feel certain I can help.


Your experience is typical, but stories like these make me more motivated. I have been contacted by two persons who have been victimized by Comerica/Direct Express by illegally withholding Social Security funds after reporting fraud.

Comerica/Direct Express have violated federal banking laws. We will be helping all persons to have formal complaints filed with the Federal Reserve. The CFPB has 414 complaints against Comerica/Direct Express. Contact me at, (803) 309-6850.Anyone wanting to talk to a Comerica person, call Susan Schmidt at (313) 222-3435, and a secretary named James, at Direct Express, at (513) 249-3501.The issue is not over after they replace your money; the issue ends when Comerica pays damages for the emotional distress they have caused 414 people.

They laugh at persons who experience fraud, Social Security recipients. Direct Express employees are too cowardly to give their full names.Join us. We will make them accountable. They ignored my voice message for six weeks.

That was their first mistake.J.B. Simms


Direct express will continue to take money out of your account their system has been hacked to prevent your money from being taken any longer you need to cancel your direct express card and reroute your money from your Social Security check straight into your personal bank account with the routing number and account number this is the safest thing you can do


Contact me at Write you experience with Direct Express.

Things are happening. You will want to be a part of this.


Direct Express is horrible.

I have had nothing but trouble with them too.

I called to dispute a unauthorized transaction and some guy named Rustle at D.E. took my call he was rude and an *** to me I wish there office was closer cause I'd like to stump a mud hole in Rustle's ***


Contact me at Write your story. Things are happening.


I hate to say this--but you will probably never see your money again. I fought with Comerica Bank for two months, trying to get my money back from a fraudulent purchase made online.

I complained to every government agency I could---including Comptroller of the Currency and was basically ignored. It wasn't until some Nigerian scammers tried to drain my SS account that I had enough and changed banks.

Do yourself a favor--and do the same. Comerica Bank does not safeguard federal beneficiaries' accounts and could care less--as does the government.


Contact me at Things are happening, and you will want to be a part of this.