Update by user Oct 18

Direct Express has replaced the stolen funds back into my account.

Original review posted by user Sep 01

Someone stole almost 900 dollars out of my account to purcase an iPhone. The person had it shipped to my home address with my name on it!

I returned it right away, to the store in the return address. I reported it to Direct Express. The credited my account the funds in the beginning stages of the investigation. However, at the close, they reversed the credit.

I was told that the store provided documentation that verified the purchase was authorized. I have been trying to call ever since to appeal this decision and have been put on hold for hours, transfered innumerous times and even hung up on.

I need to purchase my medication and pay my rent and they dont even care enough to try to help resolve. It is disgusting the way they treat their clients!

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $881.

Preferred solution: Reopen the claim and contact Virgin Mobile's finance department and verify the funds have been returned so that they can process the refund on my behalf.

Direct Express Pros: Card is convenient to use at any retailer or atm.

Direct Express Cons: Terrible phone system.

  • Customer Service Was Dreadful
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Please send me an email at and I will request the BFS and DE to review.


Direct Express the scam artists of the world.. You didn't order the phone, you SENT the phone back but yet they didn't return your money so technically you're out the product in the money.


I can't get through to change my address! Is there any other way besides calling?


Direct Express are thieves as i am fighting to get my $375.00 they scam from mewe want this place sued and shut down.They can no longer be trusted as my dispute has been 77 days *** grrrrr so us disables ones have to starve cause of them