U didnt get my money this month on my card. I have for 2 weeks called the number on the back of card and sat for 3 to 4 hours over and over every day.

Finally 2nd week I got someone live just to tell me ok transfer you to another who can help you again nothing and one day I sat there for 5 hours. I got a letter stating they put a restriction on it because there was some suspisious transaction and to call them. Already had been calling them over and over. Still no money, my power is going to be shut off and I'm tired, tired if no one caring enough to help.

I have bad bones rhuematory arthritis. I need to pay my Bill's. I also called every dam 800 number and my local Missoula office only for them to tell me they have nothing to do with it.

I also emailed the Governor and attorney General. I'm sick and tired if people judging others and treating them like *** I want my money.

User's recommendation: Use your own bank.

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

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