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How can i fax a copie of my id

for my block emv card

4 answers

Direct Express website doesn't provide any fax number. You can call Direct Express customer service at 888-741-**** or send a mail at

Direct Express, Payment Processing Services.

P.O. Box 245998 San Antonio, TX 78224-****

@Harry Rollins

Hi thia virginia englehart my case number is ooooo8275-**** my securty number is ***-**-**** birthdate may 17 1970 my expressed card is working and my account is locked can you please send me another card please i need to pay bills
@Earsie Please do not provide that information here. That is how they steal your identity. Please try to delete this message if you can. For card replacements you need to contact the customer service.
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How long do i have to wait for my money?

by Flynn Zyr

They didnt put my funds on my card. They said that i would have to show them id and social security card in order for them to put my money on my card.

I been calling them since 9 a.m this morning. Nobody didnt answer me yet.

I need my money so i can pay my rent by the 5th of this month. Thank you Loresha Saunders

0 answers

How to get my money back

by Drucilla Lzn

Left over charge me over 300 I can't get any help

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How can we fax the information and his documents if the 817 area number in Keene can't be reached ?

by Ramello Pfo

What is your Direct Express Business email? What is the reference or confirmation code ?

Because Robert Neal Dennis forgot it and he can't find where he had written down on papper This is Amy Z. Welch a friend of Robert .

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Why cant i get answer to order a direct express card?

by Roshan Bpo

Why cant the number transfer to live agent?

0 answers

how do i update my email on my direct express card

by Evalynne Vxk

0 answers

To get me a replacement direct express debit card for my dad Lester Dobson.

by Kaysi Znx

He lost his wallet with everything in it,so we called them for another card to be sent to my address which is 248 West 43rd Street Jacksonville Florida 32208,but they him that he needs to send a copy of his picture ID front and back to them but me and dad don't understand how to do it could please!help us out and show us what to do,because his monthly income is on its about to be another soon.

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Can we have emergency cash

by Laelah Kpe

0 answers

When will ssi n ss get there 200.00extra a month

by Laelah Kpe

0 answers


by Keyan Ekk

How do I dispute a transaction

0 answers

Why will my card not work for Google play

by Abbygale Yhk

I have money in account it will not let me add my card on Google play. New card previous cards have always worked

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How can I get my account number and routing number.

by Jamine Aiz

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What is direct express fax number

I faxed paperwork over to a number that was provided to me and wanna know if it’s the right one

1 answer

To find out if Direct Express received your documents, please contact their customer care team by phone at 1-866-606-****.
Support should be provided 24/7.

how can I get assistance to get my December 3 2020 payment

I reported my card lost or stole November 27 2020 never got replacement card delivered expected 10 days I somehow twice to another address I did necessary steps instead of rerouting I was told the card was sent back I faxed over and over information id post office address card two transactions s was made on the lost card social security investigation the money was not sent to them it went to ther Bank no answer to all I did to get my payments I even wrote a complaint over what else to do im on a fixed income January's payment came on a card I finally got without the lost payment seem like nothing im burnt out dealing I now have my own bank a letter came about the wrong transaction on the lost card was blamed on me on the lost card socilal security I want my money all I get is rudeness from direct express this is not right what to do

1 answer
According to the Direct Express help section, if you have any questions about your card, you should contact the Direct Express customer care team. You may reach out to them:
  • by mail to
  • P.O. Box 245998 San Antonio, TX 78224-****.

Support is provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where is my card at

It has been past 10 days and that's what they told me to be and it's been past 10 days for my card I need to know where my card is at please and thank you

2 answers

According to the Direct Express help section, if you have waited for more than 10 business and your card has still not arrived, you may contact the Direct Express customer care team by phone at 1-888-741-**** (toll-free number within the United States).
Support should be available 24/7.
@Harry Rollins call this number if your card start with 533 call Comerica Back complaint 1-31*-***-**** that 1-88*-***-**** you will never get your car or a answer.
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How long does it take for refund to show back up on my direct express card

I am expecting refund from Otter box from 4/12/2021 and it has not appeared on my card yet.

1 answer

According to the Direct Express faq section, once the refund process begins, it may take up to 30 days for the refund to be credited back to your card account.
To get more information about your Direct Express card, please contact the Direct Express customer care team by phone at 1-888-741-**** (toll-free number within the United States).

Where to fax a dispute form back to you what is the number

What is your fax number to send dispute forms

1 answer

According to the Direct Express help section, the only way to dispute a charge on your card is to call the Direct Express customer service at 1-888-741-****. Customer Service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
According to the reviews posted at, you may try to fax a dispute form at 877-507-****.

So is there a fax machine?

I called several times which means I have lost hours out of my life because you’re on hold FOREVER when I finally got through the first time they give me the fax number it did not go through it just rang and rang and rang form my own personal fax machine so I called back again the guy said when I finally got through that’s the correct number maybe your fax machine is bunk ( that’s not what he said exactly ) and try another place like a establish place like OfficeMax or Staples or something like that so I did. I go to Staples I have them send the fax and yet again no answer so I called in today and the lady on the phone told me I have to dial nine before I send the fax so I did it again and with no luck!

I do not want to call again and be on hold forever if somebody could just give me a answer yes or no is there really a fax machine and if there is a fax machine can somebody at the fax machine tell me this fax machine is actually really there and it actually works?

I am so very frustrated!! This customer is ready to take all her business some where els which probably no chip off DirectExpress Business but still ready to take my money somewhere else,

2 answers
I need the fax number so I can send my information to your so I can get my new card cause I stop my card so I need the fax number

Unfortunately, Direct Express does not provide any fax number on the company website. However, one of the Direct Express customers posted a fax number in his review at You may try to send your files at 877-507-****.
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How do I see my card was activated

My direct express card hasn't arrived yet and I was wondering if someone else could of gotten it out of the mailbox and activate it and pulled all my money off of it also my stimulus payment hasn't arrived yet

2 answers
call Comerica Bank thats the name on your card !-313-222-**** they handle Directexpress card call them ,keep calling,here another number 1-8666-6**-**11 because that 1-88*-***-**** they keep you on hold for ever nothing ever get done,try to reorder another card try and cancel that on but call them asap!!!!!!!!
According to the Direct Express help section, to activate a card you should follow these steps:
  • call the Direct Express customer service department at 1-888-741-****;
  • enter the card number printed on the front of your card;
  • enter your date of birth;
  • enter the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Unfortunately, Direct Express does not provide any information about how you can see if the card has already been activated on the company website. Please contact the Direct Express customer care team for assistance.
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2 answers
No you don't. This *** company is just going to steal your money anyway. I played along with the whole dispute thing after loosing $350 only to learn that to DE that "investigation" was a is synonymous to swindle. Go open a real account at a bank. Not only do they answer their phones, they protect your money, unlike Direct Express. The US Treasury is fully aware of Direct Express criminal behavior perpetrated against the people who are least able to defend themselves. Shameful.
As stated at, Direct Express doesn't make routing or account numbers publicly available for their cards.
To get more information about how you can get the routing number and account number for your Direct Express account, please contact the Direct Express customer care team by phone at 1-888-741-****.
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