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I am a United States Army veteran who volunteered for military service so that banks like Direct Express could continue to operate in a free America. This morning, Direct Express decided to stick the knife in my back and twist it.

I have been a client of theirs for several years with no major gripes. Back in May, I contacted Direct Express to ask when I would receive a replacement for my MasterCard, which was going to expire in July, and to verify that they had my new address (I had moved April 1). I was assured that there was no problem, and that my new card would arrive in plenty of time. By mid-June, the card had not arrived, so I called again and was informed that the card had been sent and that it would arrive soon.

I called again on June 25 and was informed that the card was on its way, and not to worry because my present card would work through the month of July. This morning, July 4, I called Direct Express to confirm my balance, since I had made an e-purchase the previous day. Rather than give me my balance, my one menu choice was to speak to a representative about the fact that my new MasterCard had been sent June 3 and why I was not already using it. This rep took my information and transferred me to "someone who could help," which turned out to be over an hour of silence except for the occasional recorded reminder about how much they care about their customers and to continue holding, then a disconnection.

Another call to another rep, who turned out to be both rude and illiterate, had the same result. Another call yielded a profuse apology, another wait and then another hangup. A trip to their website yielded only a snail-mail address. I had planned to celebrate the Fourth in style, and now I can't access my funds to buy a lousy pack of wieners.

My Social Security deposit was yesterday, and Direct Distress has already eaten it. This is one Fourth of July I will NEVER forget (or forgive)!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Debit Card.

Monetary Loss: $543.

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