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My spouse died and while US Direct Express, aka Comerica Bank, sent me a small check from my spouse's account, they will not give me a statement, or indeed, even talk to me. Social Security told me they are no closer than a stranger in terms of accessing information about money already deposited in an individual's account.

The woman on the phone told me there was no one else I could speak to and no other phone number to call. In fact, she was unaware that they were administered by Comerica. She did not have their phone number or know who they were.

US Direct Express is astonishingly brazen. I have been told at various times that: 1. they cannot track the transfer that did not go into the correct account. 2. there is only one way to contact them and no supervisors. 3. I should 'trust' them.

Leaves me speechless.

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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You need to get a Lawyer And fight this don't let them get away with this, they want you to hive up. Same thing is happening to me, my wife passed away and had money in the account when she past and the new check ( deposit) was do the next day.

Well they put a freeze on the account. Sente papers and telling me what to do.,lol well did what i could but the people at the Clerk of court were very nice but told me to get a Lawyer because they are very hard to deal with.

So that's what I'm doing now!! Good luck


If your wife died before on even on the date she got her check, then you don't get that last month check. We went through it with my grandma who died on the 3rd the day she got her check..they took it right back out of my grandpa's bank account and he got attorney and never got it back.