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Right after receiving government money on May 2020, ( into my government bank account) ... ironically my stimulus money was transferred into a international bank!!


bank2bak card was on my statement!! Along with international fees and their international insurance related company THEAA!! This was unauthorized by me. Point Blank!

Depending on the day you call ( which is actually after midnight in order to get a live customer service representative), is like playing Russian Roulette ( pun intended).

Very inconsistent each time you call. The only thing they are consistent at is asking for your Social Security number. Rule number one, who wants to give out your Social Security number when thats our live and die in the USA? Theres definitely something going on that only the customer service center can know.

Who hires these people that have access to our Social Security number?

Is there a criminal background check? Theres not even a bank belonging to direct express! I spoke with Comerica and the rep said that all they do is supply the plastic for direct express !!

What a croc!! FDIC means that the bank is insured and so are we.

What is so hard about giving back the customer hard earned money? Immediately!

User's recommendation: Do Not Use this “bank”!!! They even charge you for replacing the card and expediting shipping ($4.00 and $13.95 respectively).

Location: Scranton, Pennsylvania

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