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I've been searching on my cell on your trying find a contact that would link me DIRECTLY to any live agent that's available!!! I don't know exactly why you all would say at the top of each of your many paragraphs........

"It says or they say contact us then it is several numbers that's pretty much there for nothing like I stated earlier I've been cruising on my phone for over an hour trying to make contact with a live agent!!!! why is it so impossible! why is that diffucult and if it is you fellas are wasting a *** LOAD OF MONEY!!!!!!!!

posting all of that none helpful information.surely that money could be used for a much greater yeast especially with all this going on in America people are starving people are dying people are homeless people are down and out and depressed and here you are creating ads on the internet that do nothing as to what you're promising equity you have my contact number please return my call as soon as possible thank you good day a way to contact a live agent-it notes ads if possible can someone please give me return call back at 205-847-**** or 2 5 6 472-**** her name is Robin Hambright....... GOOD DAY!!!!!

User's recommendation: my recommendation for the future customers is not to go online searching for means and ways of contacting a live agent of which you will not have any success doing or.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Money Transfer.

Preferred solution: All I need to know is is it possible for me to transfer my bud that I or my direct Express card to my PayPal card that's it.

Direct Express Pros: Wont answer the phone.

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