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I have NEVER in my life ever dealt with such a shady company, I have been disputing charges on my card since April of last year the first time they denied me because they lost the paper work and the second time they denied me is because they said that i needed to prove that i contacted the other company for a refund, so needless to say i showed proof that this other company is saying that they didn't charge my credit card and that i need to get in contact with my card to dispute because they have no records of charges, well i been waiting for over almost a year mind u i called right before Christmas and they still said they were investigating it. That they have no time limit to make a decision, well i just called yesterday and they said they closed my case and they don't give 3 times to dispute, I have all the proof i need to get my money back 85$ and some change so i will be taking them to small claims court, these people are shady and a class action suit needs to be brought against them, if any one is interested let me know, I'm so done with this company, They are THIEF'S......

This person wrote the review because of poor customer service at Direct Express. Reviewer claimed that he or she lost $85 and wants Direct Express to issue a full refund.

The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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Such a shady company.They sent out a new card in my name to someone in Georgia.

I've always lived in Ohio. On December 29 at 1:07 am that card withdrew all of my ssi for the month.

Took me 4 hours to finally reach someone and they act like its no big deal and tell me i will have an answer in 45-90 days.WTF am i supposed to do for money now ?


Almost $715 dollars have been stolen from my son.We want to sue them too!

This is ridiculous.I can’t pay my bills this month!

Campbellsville, Kentucky, United States #1319499

Yes, they have a pattern going in here.I think the FBI needs to be contacted and they investigate this mess. These are federally deposited funds, so why can't they investigate the way Direct Express does or does not do business?

Direct Express acts like a bad they aren't responsible for anything and pee on you if you complain when your money is stolen.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #1268971

same thing happened to me

Muscatine, Iowa, United States #1249983

I have been wondering why they are in Seattle they say when the main office is in Texas. I have been having issues since I switched to them Also can not figure out why my goverment pay has been dropped by 160.00 per month for the last 2 years and noone will explain


If you want to get a class action lawsuit going, please send me any

This needs to end NOW!!

Also, check out!!!File a complaint with them as well.

to Anonymous #1357276

Im down when and where


Yes they definitely need a class action lawsuit against them I was charged $220 on January 1st from Xbox Live I don't even own an Xbox and I informed Direct Express of that and try to get my money back and they said they can't find any fraudulent going on needless to say I'm behind on all my bills they let people's money just get stolen and give them a hard time and blowing off its a bunch of *** I'm in for a class action lawsuit my email is Keriskibicki at

to Anonymous #1109903

File a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Texas.You can do it online!!

That's what I had to do.

Direct Express is NOT a BBB member and they have a F grade!!!SSA should be ashamed for allowing this company to handle our money!!!


They are thieves in more ways than one.My entire disability check was STOLEN by someone in Miami, FL because Direct Express issued a new debit card to them using MY information!!!

Something needs to be done about this company.If enough people complained to SSA, they will hopefully take notice and take action against this shady company.

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