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I have NEVER in my life ever dealt with such a shady company, I have been disputing charges on my card since April of last year the first time they denied me because they lost the paper work and the second time they denied me is because they said that i needed to prove that i contacted the other company for a refund, so needless to say i showed proof that this other company is saying that they didn't charge my credit card and that i need to get in contact with my card to dispute because they have no records of charges, well i been waiting for over almost a year mind u i called right before Christmas and they still said they were investigating it. That they have no time limit to make a decision, well i just called yesterday and they said they closed my case and they don't give 3 times to dispute, I have all the proof i need to get my money back 85$ and some change so i will be taking them to small claims court, these people are shady and a class action suit needs to be brought against them, if any one is interested let me know, I'm so done with this company, They are THIEF'S......

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $85.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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so in june I was ripped off 380.00 dollars and no one but me had possession of my card so I took all the necessary steps filed a dispute and I'm still waiting on my money th4e funny thing is that it was an electronic transfer to a bank account and I haven't ever done an electronic transfer I dontr own a bank account but I'm still out 380.dollars ive got my gas shut off gonna lose my storage and no body can help me I need my money that was stolen from me


SOCIAL SECURITY made a new account for me all on their own, I never asked. They sent my new direct express card to a different person, that person sent it back and never used iy.

Social security can see the money still in the system. Direct Express refused to send the money back to Social Security so I can they can send it to my right account. I've been without money all month. I've been in and out of ss offices and they can't reissue a check without getting that one back.

Everyone I call Direct Express they have no clue what I'm talking about and ss won't give me my account number because they said it's my account number but I can't have it!

That's my only income and I can't get anyone to help me recover my money. SOCIAL SECURITY NEEDS TO STOP DEALING WITH THEM!!!!!!


This is a very racist company! Poor, unprofessional management, no respect for customers or employees.

Richard Olish

Direct express allowed charges from Japan's Starbucks to go through. $300 DOLLARS .

Every month I'm out money and they do nothing. Help please.

to Richard Olish #1495679

How do I take them to court.


Same thing here! 11-3-2017 online purchase made, got my invoice emailed 5 mins later.

Total was incorrect so I called the company they were more than willing to refund the incorrect amount. Called direct express they said that it would have to go through then go through their dispute department. Being a newbie I just thought it would go smoothly as my other accounts have. I was so wrong!!

My refund from the company was issued on 11-8-2017. So any how I like most are on SSD which basically means I get what I get so budget planning is the only option. So during the holiday season I am ripped off a $150. There goes Thanksgiving and Christmas trying to just stay a float.

It is now 4-16-2018, just got the financial fraud people involved. I have doubles and triples letters and statements backing the company transaction and my allegations. Well now all of a sudden direct express can get of me by email when every time I opened a claim and the refund company offered to do a three way call to get this straightened. Anyhow I got de advocacy group saying they didn't get this or that.

They shut up when I informed them that everything was faxed through ups, I have dates,times, confirmation numbers of successful deliveries.

So I got the email that they are taking till 4-23-2018 to investigate. Frigging unreal!!


This is a direct violation of FDIC Section 226.12, paragraphs 12(b) and 12(b)2(iii)3. They held up my money too.

CFPB will help if we get more people.

Reach me through Erik Publishing. Contact info is on website.

You can prove damages, plus the violation.

Join me.

JB Simms


Last time I was on here a couple months ago I thought there was a class action suit but you had to live in Arkansas Alabama to be in on it I guess it was done by just that state so if you want from that stater in that state you are no action and I found that on here I don’t even see it mentioned now but yes something needs to be done about these crooks


And as well as internal records in your car yesterday and we cannot confirm fraud is it heard wonder why that would be possibly because somebody in direct express has my money and of course like any thief they don’t want to give it back yet away from these people they are crocs and since they are actually a entity of the Department of treasury we going to tell about it what government yeah nobody nobody’s going to care and like a real bank


Unfortunately partner I had fraud from direct express I contacted the company that the bill was paid for they gave me their credit card company that credit card company ran my card number and said that it was never used ever with them for anything I provided all this information and more to direct express it took me a whole 10 minutes to figure this out they never even tried my response was per your request from department recently re-open investigation we have reviewed all the original documentation


Such a shady company. They sent out a new card in my name to someone in Georgia.

I've always lived in Ohio. On December 29 at 1:07 am that card withdrew all of my ssi for the month.

Took me 4 hours to finally reach someone and they act like its no big deal and tell me i will have an answer in 45-90 days. WTF am i supposed to do for money now ?


Almost $715 dollars have been stolen from my son. We want to sue them too!

This is ridiculous. I can’t pay my bills this month!

Campbellsville, Kentucky, United States #1319499

Yes, they have a pattern going in here.I think the FBI needs to be contacted and they investigate this mess. These are federally deposited funds, so why can't they investigate the way Direct Express does or does not do business?

Direct Express acts like a bad they aren't responsible for anything and pee on you if you complain when your money is stolen.

Tacoma, Washington, United States #1268971

same thing happened to me

Muscatine, Iowa, United States #1249983

I have been wondering why they are in Seattle they say when the main office is in Texas. I have been having issues since I switched to them Also can not figure out why my goverment pay has been dropped by 160.00 per month for the last 2 years and noone will explain


If you want to get a class action lawsuit going, please send me any information.

This needs to end NOW!!

Also, check out!!! File a complaint with them as well.

to Anonymous #1357276

Im down when and where

to Anonymous #1426542

me too im ready to do something about this sorry *** excuse for a bank tired of them ripping me off and thinking i cant do anything about it b/c i only receive ssi benefits im bout to show them where do i sign

to Anonymous #1426821

You know what sweetheart did you notice that direct express is a part of the United States treasury department how do you suppose you’re going to get another federal government entity interesting in taking on the Department of treasury they’re not a bank


Yes they definitely need a class action lawsuit against them I was charged $220 on January 1st from Xbox Live I don't even own an Xbox and I informed Direct Express of that and try to get my money back and they said they can't find any fraudulent going on needless to say I'm behind on all my bills they let people's money just get stolen and give them a hard time and blowing off its a bunch of *** I'm in for a class action lawsuit my email is Keriskibicki at

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