Since ssi open my account with direct express i have had to replace my card 4 if not 5 times because these internet charges keep being charged without me authorizing the charge. The first time i became aware of it was Direct express contacted me and asked me if BillPay.com was a legit charge.

I confirmed it was not so they did not put the charge through. I ask the rep what BillPay.com was she said that they have found that usually those type of charges are fraud. The after that i have had nothing but problems with these type of charges being charged and money take from my account. I told them when that first happen that i did not use my card online to order or pay bill.

and that i did not want any of those charges to be charged to my card. NOW it happens non stop, I have been on the phone several time and the will be a charge pending Billway24.com, WMN/WMN,com, epayqtrs.com, plentyoffish , and i not talking 1 or 2 a month. I talking that these charges are from $29.99 - $49.99 and one of the same merchant for example billpay24.com is bill several days in a row and several time a month. It is absolutely crazy.

direct express had done nothing to help me to get any of my money back. $783 is what i get from SSI to live on, since i had my stroke I have a hard time with them and they do nothing to help me to stop this. I am so mad and feel violated that they will allow this to continue and yet do nothing to help me. how can they allow this to happen to a person , This is just wrong.

I cant believe that SSI makes us go through this company. They say that paper checks are not safe, . When i got my paper checks i never had one problem with them EVER. YET with Direct Express I have had money stollen from me , and this company does nothing.

my REVIEW is ZERO minus minus minus. I would not recamend them hold my money or anyone elses . I am sorry to say when they told me about the card and all the thing and the so called benefits i thought how cool.

But how wrong i was . Diana

Location: Bellingham, Washington

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Dealing with the same issues, as well.


I have the same thing HELP US

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