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O.K. after all of my initial story, I firmly believe that Direct Express has a mole.

When the caller that called in to obtain my account balance sparked the temporary restriction on my account, how could the same number phone in on 1/23 and file a lost card shut down my account and order a new card? They said that he did not call in to obtain the tracking number to re route my card. Someone internally had to give it to him. When a new card is requested from Direct Express, do you know that the card shipped to you has no restrictions on it, meaning that anyone that has a ups my choice account like he set up for me can reroute that card and you can do nothing about it?

He obtained this info from internal and knew it on 1/17/18 when he planned to steal my money. My social security number has not been exposed in years. The only entity that has my s.s. number and card number is direct express.

Don't you think that it's strange that you can input your social security number into a phone and obtain your balance, change your account, steal your money. Is their phone system hacked? I checked, there is no entity in our government that does any investigating on Direct express!! 60 million per month that runs through them and nobody monitors this?

How many disabled people have lost thousands of dollars, treated like crap and they have to take the abuse. I emailed senator Masto, no help, no call. Be very careful people! If I could put my money somewhere else, I would but now my account is on High security and the only way to make changes is to go to s.s.

office.It probably is more important that 2 refrigerators costing 24 million dollars get installed into Air Force One. Priorities....

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Direct Express Pros: No charges monthly and convenient.

Direct Express Cons: Management, Customer service, Not enough employees and does not prompt customer service.

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Cynthia C

I truly believe that there is a fox in the hen house and he gobbling up most of the hens. We must stop him for he is taking from the poor, disabled, aged and veterans.

That fox is wily and feels that he is above approach. There is now a class action suit that you need to join. Please contact Jim Simms at

Meanwhile open an account at a credit union or request a paper check from SSA here is the link- Also report this problem to Good luck!


I did receive my 60.00, however my identity was still compromised.