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Same thing happened to me, and still is. Unacceptable.

I WILL GET the survivor benefits i recieve for the care of my son after the death of his dad/my husband. This is money we depend on for neccesseties. To live. Pretty sure we cant live on unanswered phone calls to the dispute and resolution department for 45, 90, or more days.

We'd be filthy rich if that were the case. They are contradicting their own policy on Zero liability and protection. They do not care about fixing this issue and the proofs in the staggering number of complaints over the same issues, and over THEIR PRINTED AND ADVERTISED POLICY. We all are dialing our hearts out and appealing denials, or simply still waiting to get our dispute packets.

Some people are years into a claim and others simply gave up and still go without their money while the money is fraudulently drained from their cards. I've personally struggled to put food on the table and pay bills due to this issue. I managed but it wasn't easy and it's unnecessarily stressful on top of working 40 + hours and raising a family as a widowed mother of 2 teens and an 11 year old. I know there are those wiyh way more on their plate than i do hoing through this as well, and it makes me sick.

There's got to be a way to get our STOLEN money back and hold this company and bank who's policies are fraudulent by their own words and making. I'm researching it, and I'm not giving up until this is resolved in every way its not right. Btw, has a class action lawsuit been filed about this?

Im going to look into that as well as contact/post/write/complain/call out this company to every outlet from government branches, news stations, and all other media so they can get a litte of the *** they put me through back. ***!

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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I been waiting on my card for over 10 days now I paid an extra 17$ togetit in two business days and I still haven't received any thing


Are u serious now im worried to death im not getting mine today


There were transactions made on my account through my card i just received the letter is says they find any fraud !!! Thats *** because i didn't authorized authorize any of those transactions made !! So what next ?