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Well now, it appears even though direct express is not accredited by the BBB, Comerica Bank is responding to all of the complaints from the angry cardholders. They supply a small note personally addressed to each individuals' concerns or problems and it appears to be written by the vice president of Comerica bank.

She replies with different phone numbers and also states if you are to contact them or they will contact you.Most of what I was reading the responses from her are within a week and according to BBB, the customer satisfaction rating is over 95%.

I just don't know why she isn't over here too. Anyways to get satisfaction, head to the BBB website!

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Comerica received the bid for the contract to handle Direct Express Cards handling of SS benefits. Comerica has been paid tens of millions of dollars and still will not allow customers to have access to the Fraud Unit.

Two OIG audits proved that Comerica has done terrible job. File a complaint with the Office of Fiscal Service. The Comerica representative, Susan Schimdt, (313) 222-7934, has lied and covered up complaints. She covered mine for 6 weeks.

Comerica and Direct Express are in violation of Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 12, Part 226.12(b)2(iii). Damages can be assessed by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Contact me at and join the group who will make Comerica accountable or cause them to lose their government contract.

J.B. Simms


Direct Express, and parent company Comerica, are violating Fed regs by no giving you your money immediately. They are hiding behind Comerica, and the knowledge that if the customer is given back his money in weeks, he will be happy.

Well, people endure financial and emotional damages from Direct Express holding their money hostage while the Fraud Dept does nothing. I now this because I had to recover my money from the merchant who was the target of the fraud. Yes, I contacted no fewer than 8 merchants on two separate occasions.

I know what to do, I know the law, and I use to investigate financial crimes. The time will come when these persons who have been putting victimized customers off will be exposed and be held accountable.


The woman to whom you are referring is Susan Schmidt. Another woman in that office is Susan Rutledge.

Susan Schmidt forwarded the complaint to a person in an Advocacy office, a person named Steven. After having forwarded the complaint, a person named James addressed the issue. James is a lock-step lackey who continues to shield the violations of the Fraud Unit. James refused to answer if he had ever worked in the Fraud Unit.

This issue is not simply about recovering money. Comerica allows Direct Express to routinely violate federal consumer banking laws by not giving immediate credit to cardholders who were victims of electronic fraud (not presenting a card). Comerica allows Direct Express to hold persons money, retirees and Veteran retirees, in violation of these regulations. The CFPB is fully aware, and advise me that they will exact damages if enough victims come forward.

If I cannot recruit enough persons, I will take this matter directly to the head of the agency. I am from the area where the director lives, and I will be directly in touch with him. Comerica allowed Direct Express to hold almost $300 of my money from December 10 past Christmas, which caused hardship.

I have read stories of others having worse experiences. Schmidt, Rutledge, and James (Direct Express) cannot hide any longer.

to JBSimms #1452250

I would like to join in. I too am a victim of fraud and the investigation results have not been sent to me.

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