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Direct Express Government Debit card service is the most *** card service in the Entire Galaxy they were going to send me my debit card until we got to the part about them sending me a text to prove Exactly who I am I forgot that my phone had fell into some water so my Notification app had been reset to off so during my Depressed stage on the phone call I activated my messages and low and behold there they were all of the messages that she sent to my phone so in return I gave her all of the numbers that she was asking for but since I did not find them fast enough for her stupid fat rat looking *** she would not take the Numbers that I gave to her even though they were all correct numbers so just this action triggered a question of my authenticity of who Tyrone is I proved to them time and time again Exactly who I am but to no avail so this is Exactly what I've got for Direct Express and it's Employees I'm going to get my Government funds by hook or crook and it's all too bad about the things that are in motion and can not be stopped even if I wanted to stop them and I'm also sorry about the sadness that these things will cause it's not my fault that these things are all going to happen it is just an Example of society gone rogue when industry's like this misuse people's integrity and trust I'm sorry but this is what it has come to getting together a large group of people who all Despise this service was not hard at all social media is a great tool to get your message across so I've achieved that goal of getting together quite a few people who truly do Hate Direct Express so we all want to see their Employees suffer the best way that we know how so it is Exactly what it is

User's recommendation: Please please whatever you do please do not use this Government card services they are notorious for cheating Everyone out of their Government funds please do not let them do this to you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Direct Express Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $18.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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